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“Brain breaks” – Quick Exercises to Relax the Brain

Children can hardly sit still because they have a high demand for physical movement. When they start to lose concentration, their brain immediately returns to the state of relaxation. In fact, constant fidgeting and moving around are ways for them to stimulate their brain to “get back to...
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The Five Senses – Children’s Key to Explore the World

Sensory play is one of the most important learning topics for preschool children. However, the increasing use of electronic devices has led to a decrease in sensory play, affecting children’s physical, mental and especially neural development.
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Vinschool to Build Two New Schools in Dien Bien from EDURUN 2021 Proceeds

With the participation of 30,000 runners, EDURUN 2021 concluded with 400,000 kilometers run and 2.2 billion VND raised. Continuing the mission of serving the community and fulfilling social responsibilities, Vinschool will sponsor the construction of two new schools in Dien Bien Province, in order to provide better learning...
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