Little Vinsers Explore The Wonderful Ocean through “Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea”

Thursday, 31/08/2023, 18:08 (GMT+7)

As part of the series of "Amazing Summer" events at Vinschool Kindergarten, the adventure "Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea" gave the young Vinsers the chance to immerse themselves in the vast "ocean" while challenging themselves with a series of exciting scientific, physical, and artistic discovery activities.

The recycled exhibition with countless artistic creations has been “jointly” completed by Vinsers. “Miraculous ocean” appears vividly through the confident presentation of the “young artists”
Through investigating science activities, students are motivated to learn and are taught how to observe, analyse, collect evidence, evaluate, and draw conclusions.
The scientific projects have helped the Vinsers find the answers to the questions: How does a mini water purifier work?, Why is it important to sort out waste?, What significance does water have to the marine environment and to Earth’s living organisms?, What material can float on water, what material is submerged?…
Little Vinsers enjoyed the joy of the “Amazing Summer” by participating in water sports challenges such as- water races, water balloons, water transport, etc., which help with physical training combined with lessons to improve safety skills when playing with and in water.
The children discussed and learnt about the ocean at the start of the day during Social-Emotional Conversations; as a result, they learnt more about marine species and habitats and their responsibilities for ocean protection.
“Mini Stage” also comes alive with many ocean-themed outfits

The appealing hands-on activities helped the kids- learn more about the relationship between water, the sea, and the ocean; grow their advocacy for environmental causes; foster their love of nature; and initially make them aware of their obligation to protect clean water and environmental resources.