Vinsers’ Core Values


Vinsers are constantly curious and remain ready to acquire new skills and knowledge, as well as actively applying critical thinking by always questioning information given. Vinsers value self-learning and have a passion for life-long learning.


Vinsers are confident and assertive, daring to speak their mind and defend their opinions. Vinsers are creative, taking risks to put forward innovative ideas and actively seeking resources to turn their ideas into reality. Vinsers are adaptable, can integrate easily, and are always ready to contribute and make a positive impact on their friends and communities. Vinsers are purposeful and passionate, proactively taking actions to achieve their goals.



Vinsers are kind and empathetic, and truly care about their friends, families and the people around them. Vinsers are committed to positively changing their lives and the lives of others.


Vinsers are conscious of not only being responsible for themselves, but also their families and communities. Vinsers take responsibilities for their own actions and always keep their promises. Vinsers value honesty and have the courage to speak out against what is wrong stand up for what is right.


Vinsers care about their own and others’ feelings, rights and safety. Vinsers uphold the values of family traditions, Vietnamese culture and their national identity. Vinsers have a deep insight into different cultures, religions and sexual orientations. They are respectful of the different ways that others think and behave.