Extracurricular Activities


In order to help students cultivate their skills and develop holistically, Vinschool has implemented a number of Extracurricular Clubs in diverse subjects and activities.

Highly professional and experienced teachers and experts guide the clubs’ activities. Vinschool also cooperates with other prestigious educational organizations such as Helen O’Grady Speech & Drama Academy, CreMusic, Vietnam Soroban Academy, BTS (Gymkids), Gokids, Sport Skills Academy, MoneyTree, Onespace, Young Hit Young Beat, Shine Academy, Sport Skills Academy…in order to invite experienced teachers to become involved in the clubs.

Vinschool’s extracurricular clubs are a place where the students can relax, explore their passions and have fun studying after their official study periods; these clubs also play an important role in discovering and nurturing the students’ talents. These clubs form the ideal interactive environments for the students after official class time, helping them to develop a wider range of skills and find a balance in their lives, with their own passions and hobbies.

For detailed information on registration, please contact Admission & Customer Service Deparment:

Tel: 18006511 (extension 2) – Email: [email protected]