Frequently Asked Questions

In the academic year 2023 – 2024, Vinschool operates 50 campuses nationwide, specifically in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Hai Phong, and Thanh Hoa City. These campuses collectively serve nearly 48,000 students and offer a comprehensive educational framework spanning from preschool to high school levels. 

Vinschool is a Vietnamese educational institution that upholds international standards. All facilities within the Vinschool Education System are meticulously designed and operated in accordance with the standards set by the Council of International Schools (CIS). Presently, Vinschool proudly boasts five campuses that have achieved comprehensive certification from CIS. Meanwhile, several other campuses within the educational network are undergoing thorough assessments and are actively progressing towards obtaining full certification from CIS.

The Council of International Schools (CIS) is a prestigious international educational accreditation organisation with a comprehensive list of stringent criteria and standards for evaluating schools with an international profile. 

A CIS-accredited school is one that meets the rigorous standards set by CIS, comprising 45 criteria organised into 8 domains, built upon four core factors – Purpose & Direction, High-quality Learning and Teaching, Wellbeing, and Development of Global Citizenship. 

Attending a CIS-accredited school provides students with numerous benefits within the CIS network, including access to an internationally recognised standard of education; favourable opportunities for university admissions and scholarships from member universities such as Columbia University, the University of Chicago, Princeton University, the University of Oxford, the University of Cambridge, and others; easier engagement in exchanges, learning experiences, or transitions within the secondary and high school landscape of the CIS network.

Vinschool’s infrastructure stands out due to substantial investment by Vingroup, aligning with the standards set by CIS. The school boasts optimal spaces for activities, learning projects, experiences, and events both within and beyond the classroom, empowering potential and creating differentiation for each student. 

  • In accordance with the student-centred and outcome-based approach, the classrooms at Vinschool are equipped with interactive screens and internationally standardised teaching and learning tools, connecting students within the class to the broader world.
  • The Library and self-study rooms, designed for optimal use, enhance group learning activities, encouraging students to actively engage in self-directed learning.
  • Laboratories meeting Cambridge standards provide an ideal space for Vinsers to explore, develop scientific thinking, practise, and solve real-world problems, nurturing future generations of researchers and innovators.
  • The Information Technology and Innovation Center drives unlimited creative thinking, turning imagination into reality – a foundation for students to become technology leaders, ready for future changes.
  • The sports block, indoor swimming pool, outdoor sports field, running track, Music and Art rooms are essential spaces creating conditions for Vinsers to develop comprehensively in terms of knowledge, physical fitness, emotions, and 21st-century skills.

Vinschool prides itself on maintaining a high-quality teaching staff, achieved through a stringent recruitment process. Each teacher candidate must successfully navigate rigorous interviews and teaching demonstrations to fulfil these essential criteria: pedagogical qualifications, effective teaching methodologies, teaching experience, and enthusiasm. Notably, teachers in the Cambridge programme at Vinschool are also required to hold international pedagogical qualifications, adhere to Cambridge standards, and possess international teaching experience.

Upon joining Vinschool, teachers partake in a comprehensive training programme, encompassing company culture integration, in-depth exploration of the educational programme, teaching methodologies, classroom management, and interaction skills with students and parents. The objective of these activities is to equip them with the knowledge and practical skills necessary to confidently instruct within a distinguished educational environment.

Furthermore, Vinschool conducts regular annual training courses designed to enhance teacher capabilities, stay abreast of international educational trends, and develop skills in applying information technology to teaching. Each campus also implements specific training programmes tailored to local educational requirements and contexts, ensuring that teachers are continuously prepared to adapt and lead change within the education sector.

Thus, Vinschool not only emphasises the selection of outstanding teachers but also consistently invests in their professional development, ultimately providing a high-quality educational experience for students.

Vinschool’s general education programme incorporates the most cutting-edge features of global educational programmes, with the overarching goal of nurturing students into global citizens, who embody the essence of Vietnamese culture and take pride in their national identity. Parents can monitor notable academic accomplishments and explore profiles of talented Vinsers through the following links:

  • IGCSE, A-Level Exam Results: Link 
  • AP Exam Results: Link 
  • University Entrance Exam Results: Link  
  • Profiles of Talented Vinsers: Link 

Parents can update activities and find official information about Vinschool through:

  • Vinschool Website: Link
  • Vinschool Facebook page: Link
  • Vinschool Kindergarten Facebook page: Link

Additionally, to have questions answered, parents can contact:

  • Hotline: 18006511 (ext. 1) or 094 659 1010 
  • Email: [email protected] (In the North and Central regions)


Vinschool campuses are strategically located in prominent cities including Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Hai Phong, and Thanh Hoa. For detailed information and to find the campus nearest to your location, please visit link.

Vinschool’s outcome-based preschool curriculum is strategically designed to foster the comprehensive and harmonious development of children, placing their experiences and assessments at the forefront. Guided by an educational philosophy rooted in competencies, Vinschool’s preschool curriculum is meticulously crafted to nurture the well-rounded growth of children across physical, intellectual, emotional, character, and social dimensions.

Aligned with the framework of the British Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS), the curriculum ensures a well-balanced development across seven key learning areas – Communication & Language, Physical Development, Literacy, Mathematics, Understanding the World, Expressive Arts & Design, and Personal, Social-Emotional Development. It places a pronounced emphasis on cultivating cognitive abilities, fostering curiosity, multi-dimensional thinking, and unleashing creativity in children.

The extension of the Personal, Social-Emotional Development component is based on the Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL) competency framework, equipping children with essential life skills, emotional awareness, and management- instilling recognition of appropriate behaviours, and nurturing respect, cooperation, and concern for others.

For a comprehensive understanding of the Vinschool Preschool Curriculum, parents can access detailed information here.

Based on a unified curriculum, while adhering to international operational standards, the preschool programmes at Vinschool vary primarily in student class sizes and the number of ELS periods in each class, offering parents options that align with their preferences-

  • Standard Programme: ESL English instruction duration: 5 periods per week; class size: 20-28 students per class.
  • Advanced Programme: ESL English instruction duration: 20 periods per week; class size: 20-25 students per class.

Starting from the age of 5, Vinschool preschool students follow the Cambridge programme (15 periods/week), covering Mathematics, Science, and ESL. The programme is taught by Vietnamese teachers for both the Standard and Advanced systems. As for the Cambridge system,  students are instructed in English by foreign teachers.

Vinschool preschool students have the opportunity to attend the English as a Second Language (ESL) programme, which is aligned with the standards of Stage 2 of the Cambridge ESL programme. The approach is designed to facilitate the organic development of language proficiency, establish a robust phonetic foundation, and cultivate pre-reading and pre-writing skills in the early stages of education. Additionally, the programme features extensive English language instruction, a diverse range of English-based learning and play activities, full-time English instructors in the Advanced Programme, and the Cambridge programme (commencing at age 5) delivered by highly experienced foreign educators. These facets collectively foster the innate development of English language skills within an internationally recognised environment.

A prominent aspect of the English programme at Vinschool Preschool is the Phonics curriculum. Phonics not only serves as an invaluable tool for children to naturally and effectively engage with English, but also lays a solid groundwork for reading and writing abilities. 

Phonics assists children in recognising and connecting sounds with letters, thereby fostering natural vocabulary recognition and grammar structure skills. This pedagogical approach promotes language development through immersive games, interactive activities, and practical application, eschewing rote memorisation. The programme is administered by English educators extensively trained in Phonics teaching methodologies, possessing comprehensive expertise and essential skills to effectively nurture children’s language development.

In addition to Phonics, the programme incorporates diverse learning and play activities for children aged 5 and above, utilising the English language. This is facilitated by the dedicated presence of full-time teachers of English and experienced foreign instructors. 

This integration of a high-calibre curriculum and a proficient teaching faculty ensures that children not only acquire English language skills systematically but also foster their linguistic capabilities naturally, within an internationally recognised academic environment.

The Vinschool Education Programme stands out due to its incorporation of cutting-edge elements from global educational models. This ensures that students acquire the essential skills needed to thrive as 21st-century global citizens, emphasising critical thinking and resilience for a successful and fulfilling life. This commitment to contributing intellect and talent to a dynamic world sets Vinschool apart.

The curriculum at Vinschool is meticulously crafted and grounded in thorough scientific research, ensuring alignment from learning outcomes to teaching methods and assessment. Subjects are categorised into five domains: Language, Social Sciences and Humanities, Mathematics and Information Technology, Natural Sciences, and Personal Development. Each subject not only meets the Ministry of Education & Training requirements, but also aligns with the standards of well-regarded international programmes. Consequently, Vinschool students not only excel in specific subject expertise, but also cultivate interdisciplinary skills including 21st-century skills, global citizenship thinking, digital proficiency, and critical thinking. A distinctive feature of Vinschool is its student-centred approach to teaching. Emphasising differentiated instruction and personalised learning, the institution aims to enhance students’ self-learning and research abilities, fostering creativity. This approach ensures that students not only gain knowledge but also develop the skills needed to navigate an evolving global landscape. 

Presently, Vinschool stands as a premier provider of the Cambridge programme in Vietnam, offering a comprehensive selection that includes 5 IGCSE subjects for Elementary and Middle School, along with 8 IGCSE and 12 AS/A-Level subjects. The distinctive aspect of the Vinschool programme lies in its integration of the Ministry of Education’s curriculum with the Cambridge International Programme. This fusion, augmented by exclusive subjects unique to Vinschool such as CLISE, Global Citizenship Education (GCED), and Vietnamese Studies, not only prepares students for exceptional success in a global context, but also ensures the preservation of their Vietnamese cultural identity. One pioneering initiative within the Vinschool education system is the establishment of a “Mini University”  model in high school. This innovative model empowers students with the freedom to choose from an extensive array of nearly 50 subjects offered by the school. This includes the option to engage with college-level Advanced Placement (AP) courses, providing students with a diverse and enriching educational experience.

Moreover, the school organises a diverse array of extracurricular activities encompassing sports, languages, sciences, arts, career orientation, and skills. These activities play a pivotal role in fostering the holistic development of students, contributing significantly to their overall growth and well-rounded education.

For more details, visit HERE

Vinschool’s general education system comprises two primary programmes: the Standard Programme and the Advanced System, meticulously aligned with the curriculum stipulated by the Vietnamese Ministry of Education and Training.

  • Standard Programme: not only adheres rigorously to the national educational curriculum but also seamlessly integrates the Cambridge International curriculum with its Vietnamese counterpart. Within the Standard Programme, the Cambridge Mathematics, Science, and Information and Communication Technology (ICT) subjects are imparted in the Vietnamese language to facilitate students’ access to international knowledge, while upholding the cultural heritage and linguistic identity of Vietnam.
  • Advanced Programme: upholds the international Cambridge standards, featuring five subjects of Mathematics, Science, ESL, ICT, and Global Perspectives. All these subjects are entirely delivered in English by proficient expat teachers possessing pedagogical qualifications and extensive global teaching experience. These instructors undergo specialised training in Cambridge curriculum teaching methodologies, adhering to the stringent Cambridge Teacher Standards. Vinschool stands as a premier educational institution in Vietnam, offering a diverse array of Cambridge subject choices, encompassing 5 subjects for Primary and Secondary levels, 8 IGCSE subjects, and 12 AS/A-Level subjects.

Furthermore, spanning from Grade 1 to Grade 10, both the Standard and Advanced Programmes incorporate exclusive subjects unique to Vinschool, including Vietnamese Studies, Character & Life Skills Education (CLISE), and Global Citizenship Education (GCED). These additions are strategically designed to foster the holistic development of students.

At Vinschool, students are provided with the conditions and environment to maximise their use of English. In addition to core classes, students have a wide range of choices with various courses such as SAT, Academic Writing, AP Language Art and Composition, and Philosophy (taught in English) to not only enhance their proficiency but also broaden their knowledge in other subjects. The school also hosts numerous events like Script2lips, Talk Psychology, and student clubs, creating opportunities for students to use English for research, creativity, and self-expression.

The English programme at Vinschool is structured according to Cambridge standards, featuring diverse lesson formats that emphasise thematic learning, reflection, and comprehensive training in the four language skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. The programme is divided into stages with clear knowledge and skills outcomes, allowing students and families to actively assess the students’ proficiency. Moreover, Vinschool implements personalised learning with moving classes (placing students with similar proficiency in the same class) and a closely monitored advisory team to provide suitable pathways and individual feedback for self-assessment and skill development.

With a robust foundation, Vinschool students possess the ability to use English proficiently as a tool for learning and research (English for further study). Remarkably, 92% of Vinsers hold IELTS certificates, boasting an average score of 7, providing them with a competitive advantage in preparing for studying abroad or for direct admission to universities in Vietnam. Meet Vinschool students with an IELTS score of 8.5 here.

Presently, Vinschool implements the Cambridge education programme, placing a strong emphasis on the development of high-level thinking skills, including critical thinking, analysis, evaluation, and creativity. As a result, the necessity or significant added benefits of extra classes is not considered imperative.

Vinschool actively promotes the development of students’ study plans at home to ensure the thorough revision and enrichment of knowledge. Home study may encompass tasks such as completing assignments from class, practising learned material, reviewing for exams/tests, preparing for new lessons, engaging in extended exercises, or participating in learning projects. The time allocated for home study can vary based on the subject, grade level, progress, and the individual motivation of each student. Students are also encouraged to incorporate self-study through online learning, fostering disciplined work habits, organisational skills, and nurturing proactive, creative, and research-oriented attitudes throughout the learning process.

Parents are encouraged to collaborate with the school in the education of your child. In instances where students face difficulties, parents are encouraged to engage in discussions with teachers to collectively explore supportive measures for the students.

The Maths programme at Vinschool combines elements from the Cambridge Maths programme and the Ministry of Education and Training’s Maths programme. It has been approved by the Ministry of Education and Training, ensuring that it meets the requirements for knowledge and skills in the Ministry’s Maths curriculum.

In addition, Vinschool holds the distinction of being the first school in Vietnam to transition from traditional textbooks to outcome-based teaching. Consequently, students’ learning experiences are now guided by explicit objectives that are finely tuned to their individual needs. This approach is specifically designed to facilitate the achievement of precise learning outcomes for each subject and grade level. The assessment and reporting of students’ academic progress also rely on concrete evidence of their competency in line with the established learning outcomes. As a result, Vinschool students no longer find themselves in situations where they advance to new content without a firm grasp of their previous knowledge.

Vinschool’s education system divides the comprehensive education programme into two stages: comprehensive education from Grade 1 to Grade 10 and career-oriented education in Grades 11 and 12. This approach aligns with educational trends and university entrance requirements both nationally and internationally.

  • Stage 1 – Comprehensive Education: The integrated curriculum, approved by the Ministry of Education and Training and the Department of Education and Training, covers all the knowledge and content requirements from the Ministry’s curriculum. It expands students’ knowledge and skills, fostering 21st-century competencies suitable for Vinschool students. In Grade 10, students receive guidance to explore their strengths, fields of interest, and subject combinations for university admission in the final two years of high school.
  • Stage 2 – Career-Oriented Education: In Grades 11 and 12, students choose from nearly 50 different subjects, tailored to their interests, academic abilities, career aspirations, and university entrance goals, preparing them optimally for all types of university admissions.

According to the university admission methods in 2023, more than 70% of the admission slots in top universities rely on international certificates, competency assessment test scores evaluating critical thinking, or are combined with the results of the National High School Graduation Exam. Therefore, Vinschool’s high school programme effectively equips students to prepare for a wide range of university admission criteria.

Vinschool’s academic programme integrates from Grade 1 to Grade 10. The subjects of Mathematics, Science, Information Technology, and English follow the Cambridge (Vietnamese version) curriculum. This integrated curriculum has been reviewed and approved by both the Ministry of Education and Training (MOET) and the Department of Education and Training (DOET). This signifies that the integrated curriculum at Vinschool encompasses the entire spectrum of the Vietnamese curriculum from Grade 1 to Grade 10, meeting all MOET requirements.

For the final two years of high school, Grades 11 and 12, students who aim for Vietnamese universities will follow the entirely Vietnamese curriculum to prepare for the National High School Graduation Examination. The majority of the exam content in this assessment is derived from Grades 11 and 12. However, the foundational knowledge from earlier grades is continually reinforced during review periods.

Currently, Vietnamese universities are adapting their admission methods to align more with global trends. These universities no longer rely solely on high school graduation exam scores but also take into account results from competency and aptitude tests. They employ various methods to evaluate students, including academic transcripts and international certifications such as IELTS, SAT, A-levels, AP, and more. As a result, students from Vinschool hold an advantage over traditional schools when competing for admission to reputable public universities.

Vinschool’s education programme is thoughtfully designed to offer a comprehensive and personalised preparation for students, equipping them with the knowledge and skills necessary for higher education. This tailored approach optimises the learning journey and ensures students are exceptionally prepared to seek admission to top universities in Vietnam and around the world.

An impressive 87.5% of Vinschool’s 12th-grade students have been successfully admitted to esteemed universities in Vietnam through direct admissions. These universities include prestigious institutions such as the National University of Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City National University, Foreign Trade University, University of Technology, National Economics University, Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam, and many more.

Vinschool’s education programme is designed to foster the knowledge and skills essential for students, not only preparing them for studies at top universities worldwide but also in Vietnam.

Presently, conventional universities in Vietnam are evolving their admission methods to align with global trends. Beyond high school exam scores, universities now consider competency assessments, critical thinking, and international certificates like IELTS, SAT, A-level, and AP. Thanks to comprehensive preparation at Vinschool, students enjoy a significant advantage over their counterparts in traditional schools when competing for admission to reputable public universities.

Commencing from grade 10, Vinschool students receive support in selecting subjects and personalised study pathways, gearing up for the university admission process. Students can opt for 6 to 8 subjects from a pool of 50, categorised into compulsory subjects, graduation and university exam subjects, and career-oriented subjects.

The Vinschool curriculum also encompasses various test preparation courses to enhance problem-solving skills and acquaint students with the structure of crucial exams. Furthermore, students have the opportunity to delve into subjects with a career orientation, providing them with an edge when applying to domestic universities.

In essence, Vinschool not only aids students in achieving success in an international education environment but also prepares them for success in the domestic education landscape through meticulous preparation and professional academic counselling.

Vinschool is the first and only school to Vietnamese-ize the Cambridge International Programme. The programme has been reviewed by the Ministry of Education and Training and approved by the Department of Education and Training to integrate the Cambridge International Programme with the Vietnamese general education curriculum in subjects such as Science, Information Technology, English, and Mathematics.

The integrated Cambridge programme at Vinschool fully meets the subject requirements of the Ministry of Education and Training’s curriculum. This ensures that students can transfer to other public or private high schools at any time or, if students complete Grade 10 at Vinschool (Stage 1 – Comprehensive Education Stage) and intend to continue studying at a Vietnamese university, they can easily switch to the Ministry of Education and Training curriculum from Grade 11 (Stage 2 – Career-oriented stage), building upon the knowledge acquired from the integrated Cambridge programme in Grade 10. This prepares students for the High School Graduation Exam and the university entrance process.

The Counselling team at Vinschool is continuously seeking opportunities to collaborate with top universities around the world (Australia, the United States, New Zealand, Canada, etc.), such as: the University of New South Wales, University of Western Australia, La Trobe University, Victoria University of Wellington, The University of Sydney, Monash University, Toronto Metropolitan University, Queen’s University, The University of Auckland, Auckland University of Technology, University of Rochester, University of Arizona, etc. The aim is to provide benefits for Vinschool students in:

  • University application and scholarship admission;
  • Academic knowledge exchange, and cultural interaction between Vinschool students and university students worldwide;
  • Participation in academic competitions, forums, and international scholar gatherings.

The career orientation programme, academic counselling, and university admission guidance for students at Vinschool are given significant emphasis and implemented right from the beginning of high school.

At Vinschool, students and parents receive in-depth 1:1 guidance to identify career directions and specific fields of study based on four primary factors: interests, abilities, career tendencies, and family background. The academic counselling team provides personalised guidance to each student, consisting of experienced educators specialised in career orientation, in-depth advising on study plans, university admission strategies, and personal skill development for students.

Additionally, Vinschool provides diverse exposure to various professions through ongoing career-oriented activities throughout the academic year. These activities include Career Guidance with experts, Career Bites – a talk show covering the five most popular career fields among Vinsers, Career Day – a career-oriented festival, Internship – a week-long vocational experience at leading companies in Vietnam, skill development workshops, and academic knowledge seminars.

Vinschool creates opportunities to enhance students’ university admission chances and scholarships through collaborations with major universities in Vietnam and globally. Educators offer guidance on various types of higher education institutions (regular and international universities, study abroad opportunities), assist in choosing suitable universities, and advise on admission methods (exams, direct admissions, and scholarship applications).

Moreover, the school also develops Career Guidance and University Admission Handbooks, which provide students and parents with up-to-date information regarding career sectors, job trends, university details, admission methods, scholarships available at both local and international universities, as well as various other useful information.

Parents can review the sample timetable for students at various grade levels by clicking here.

As part of our commitment to Education Outside the Classroom (EOTC), Vinschool consistently arranges practical field trips and outdoor excursions for students. These opportunities allow students to enrich their learning experiences, apply and solidify their knowledge in real-world settings, and cultivate personal qualities and skills such as adaptability, leadership, teamwork, and independence. Parents are encouraged to join their children in these enriching extracurricular activities. Ahead of each event, the homeroom teacher will provide detailed information for parents to register and participate in these valuable experiences.

In addition to their regular academic curriculum, Vinschool students have the opportunity to register for extracurricular clubs organised by the school, designed to nurture their talents and pursue their individual passions and interests. These clubs serve as the focal point of activity for all Vinschool students who share common interests, under the guidance of experts and experienced teachers. The clubs, spanning a diverse range of fields such as Science, English, Skills, Sports, and Arts, are developed and supervised by the school’s specialists and educators.

Each student has the flexibility to participate in multiple extracurricular clubs, provided that the schedules of the clubs do not overlap.
For further details about the extracurricular programmes offered at Vinschool, parents are encouraged to directly contact the Admissions Department for consultation using the following contact information:

  • Northern region: 18006511, extension 1
  • Southern region: 18006511, extension 2

Vinschool typically conducts admissions for the new academic year around January each year. The prioritisation of admissions follows the guidelines outlined in the Admission Regulations, officially published on the school’s official website.

Parents are encouraged to promptly register for admissions by utilising the VinschoolOne application. This involves creating a “Guest” account and providing the necessary admission information.

Parents can initiate the enrolment process by downloading VinschoolOne, creating a “Guest” account, and submitting the required enrolment information.

For comprehensive details regarding the enrolment schedule, parents are encouraged to consult the school’s website or directly contact the Admissions Department using the following contact details:

  • Northern region: 18006511, extension 1
  • Southern region: 18006511, extension 2

Parents are encouraged to familiarise themselves with the Admissions Regulations available on Vinschool’s website or via the VinschoolOne app by clicking here.

Vinschool’s Kindergarten warmly welcomes students aged 18 months to 5 years.

Those interested in experiencing Vinschool’s learning environment can participate in admission workshops and the “Vinsers Experience” programme, with details announced by the Admissions Department and on Vinschool’s official communication channels. Additionally, to provide parents with a better understanding of the school and help students become familiar with its teachers, environment, and teaching methods, Vinschool offers Mầm Xanh (Green Sprout) Club (Preparing Mindset for Students Entering Grade 1) from January to May, and the Summer Club programme (for students from Grade 1 onwards) running from mid-June to the end of July.

For more detailed information and personalised guidance, parents are welcome to reach out to the Admissions and Customer Care Departments:

  • Northern Region: Dial 18006511, select language, and press extension 1.
  • Southern Region: Dial 18006511, select language, and press extension 2.

All new students seeking admission to Vinschool are required to successfully complete an entrance examination held by the school. Each student is allowed a single attempt at the admission examination per semester.

  • For Kindergarten: the entrance examination is designed to comprehensively assess the characteristics and capabilities of each student, providing valuable insights for homeroom teachers to effectively support students’ holistic development.
  • For Primary, Secondary, and High school levels: students will undergo examinations in the following subjects:
    • Standard Programme: Mathematics, Vietnamese Language/Literature, ESL, Logical Thinking;
    • Advanced Programme: Mathematics, Vietnamese Language/Literature, ESL (as required for the Advanced Programme), Logical Thinking. For Grade 10 entry, additional exams in Science and Mathematics, in English, are mandatory (excluding the Vietnamese-language Mathematics test). Grade 11 applicants will be tested in English, Mathematics, and Science, in English.


  • Students applying for other classes have the option to choose between taking the Mathematics exam in English or Vietnamese.
  • Direct interviews with teachers are an integral part of the admission process.
  • The admission process for the first-grade classes adheres to the regulations stipulated by the Department of Education and Training.

All new students applying to study at Vinschool are required to pass an entrance examination organised by the school. The school does not provide exam preparation courses. Parents can access sample exam papers for Mathematics and Vietnamese Language/Literature from Grade 2 onwards, available here.

Parents are kindly requested to contact the Admissions Department via the designated hotline or email for an assessment of enrolment availability and guidance on the necessary procedures.

  • Northern region: 18006511, select language and press extension 1, Email: [email protected]
  • Southern region: 18006511, select language and press extension 2, Email: [email protected]

Apart from tuition fees, parents are also obligated to cover boarding service fees, school development fees, educational materials, experiential activities, uniforms, books, etc. For a detailed breakdown of these fees, please refer to the Fees & Financial Regulations, visit here.

For students currently enrolled at Vinschool, the deadline for full-year fee payment, to avail a 5% discount, is no later than May 31 (Kindergarten) or June 30 (Primary, Secondary, and High school). The deadline for second semester fee payment is no later than December 15. Parents who make payments after the specified deadlines will not be eligible for the discount outlined in this section.

As for newly enrolled students, the payment deadline will be communicated by the school.

*The provided time frames are for reference and subject to annual adjustments. Parents can find detailed information in the Fee & Financial Regulations on the website.

Parents can remit payments using the following methods:

  • Cash payment (only accepted for fees below 2,000,000 VND);
  • Card payment at the Admissions Department;
  • Bank transfer (using specific account numbers of each school).
  • When making a bank transfer, parents should clearly specify the transfer details: Student’s full name, Date of birth, Fee type
  • Payment via VinschoolOne (service fees may apply).
  • Payment via Techcombank/BIDV mobile banking app.

If parents choose to use Vingroup’s gift vouchers, they are required to present the vouchers designating their children as the beneficiaries when submitting enrolment documents.

The school will facilitate fee refunds to parents in accordance with the regulations specified in section V. FEE REGULATIONS RELATED TO APPLICATION WITHDRAWAL/RESERVATION/WITHDRAWAL FROM SCHOOL/FORCE MAJEURE within the Fee & Financial Regulations available on the website, visit here.

Annually, Vinschool updates the Fee & Financial Regulations on the website around January. Regarding boarding and bus service fees, the school may make adjustments during the academic year due to significant market fluctuations in food prices and fuel costs. Changes will be officially announced 30 days before implementation.

Vinschool provides discounts for students with siblings concurrently enrolled, whether they are biological or legally adopted by parents. Specifically, a 5% tuition discount applies to the second child, and a 15% discount applies to the third child onwards.
To avail of this discount policy, parents are required to submit certified copies of their children’s birth certificates and a custody confirmation document issued by the competent authority to substantiate the sibling relationship during the fee payment process.

Every year, Vinschool allocates a period to prioritise the admission of students who are children of Vinhomes residents through pre-registration. Subsequently, it admits other students in order of enrolment priority. The priority admission notifications for Vinhomes residents’ children who register for admission will be sent through the app/email by the Vinhomes Management Board.

Vinschool operates a school bus service offering two modes of transportation: home pick-up and designated pick-up points (Home pick-up is the only option available in HCM City)
The school consistently endeavours to effectively address students’ transportation requirements, ensuring that they are allocated to the nearest feasible route. For further details on Vinschool’s bus service, parents can refer to the following link.

In the event a student opts for home pick-up, the school will arrange this service based on its compatibility with the bus route and solely at the entrance of the alley (in cases where the bus is unable to access the interior of the alley). Parents can access the Vinschool Bus app to initiate or discontinue the use of the bus service. The Administrative Team overseeing bus route assignments will review and communicate the bus assignment outcomes to parents.

Boarding education is an integral part of Vinschool’s educational criteria and quality management. Consequently, all the school students have their lunch and rest periods at the school. For older students who do not require a midday nap, there are dedicated study rooms or access to the library for knowledge enrichment, relaxation, or rest.

Vinschool possesses the requisite infrastructure to operate a boarding programme. The classrooms are well-ventilated, the dining facilities are maintained to high standards of hygiene, the surrounding environment is clean and verdant, and there are dedicated functional spaces and expansive libraries. Students of all academic levels can comfortably reside and pursue their studies at the boarding facilities from Monday to Friday. Notably, Vinschool stands out as one of the few institutions with a 24/7 security system and an extensive network of surveillance cameras to ensure the utmost safety and security for students’ academic and personal development.

For preschool students, teachers provide daily updates through the KidsOnline app. For primary and secondary school students, teachers share information via the Vinschool One app. While the school has cameras in the preschool classrooms, these primarily serve management purposes and are not intended for direct parental viewing, thus ensuring compliance with safety standards set by the Council of International Schools (CIS). In situations where parents have inquiries or wish to review specific footage, they can visit the school, register their details, and access the recordings on-site.

Parents have the option to purchase or exchange uniforms for their children through online ordering via the website, visit here.

Furthermore, the school facilitates direct uniform sales at the Vinschool Times City T36 Primary School T36 warehouse, for students from Times City and The Harmony campuses, every Tuesday and Thursday (excluding public holidays) within the following time frames:

  • Morning: 8:00 AM – 12:00 PM
  • Afternoon: 1:00 PM – 5:00 PM
  • Location: Sales Room, 1st Floor, Vinschool Times City Primary School T36, 458 Minh Khai, Vinh Tuy Ward, Hai Ba Trung District, Hanoi

For any uniform-related inquiries, parents are encouraged to contact the hotline at 1800 6511 (Extension 4) for assistance and guidance.

In instances where a student requires leave or anticipates a late arrival due to exceptional circumstances, parents are advised to provide advance notice to the school (through the designated homeroom teacher).

On the day when a student cannot attend classes, parents are requested to inform the homeroom teacher prior to 7:40 AM, via phone, VinschoolOne, or email. It is essential to include the reason for the absence and pertinent details concerning the student’s health status if the absence is health-related.

In the event of an unexcused absence, the school will record the absence as such until official notification is received from the family. Parents are encouraged to communicate the anticipated duration of the absence in advance to facilitate efficient tracking by the school.

The safety and well-being of students are of paramount concern to Vinschool. The school has issued policies for child protection and regulations to combat violence and bullying in the school environment. These are effectively communicated to all students through an array of visual signage and posters strategically placed throughout the school’s common areas, hallways, and classrooms.

Upon identification of a student being subjected to bullying or harassment, the School Psychologist’s Office (SPO) promptly intervenes to assess the student’s situation and formulate timely, effective individual support plans. In addition, the SPO provides guidance and counselling to teachers and parents, fostering collaboration to support the affected student, deliver psychological first aid, and implement measures to promote the student’s mental well-being both within the school and at home. Furthermore, the SPO team collaborates with other support resources, such as the Nurse’s Office and Student Affairs Department, to enhance monitoring, control, and timely response to any bullying or harassment-related risks, ensuring the safety of all students within the school.

In the event that a parent observes signs of their child being bullied or harassed, or if there are any suspicions regarding their child or other students experiencing violence, bullying, or harassment, parents are encouraged to promptly report the matter to the homeroom teacher or directly to the Student Affairs Department. The school will take appropriate measures and adhere to the established policies for child protection or regulations to prevent violence and bullying within the school environment.

  • For detailed information, please refer to the Child Protection Policy here.
  • For detailed information, please refer to the Regulations to Prevent Violence and Bullying here.

At Vinschool, nurturing the well-being of students is consistently a top priority. Vinschool has implemented various activities with the purpose of enhancing students’ wellbeing:

  • All Vinschool teachers and staff have received comprehensive training and guidance in recognising challenges related to well-being and providing support for students’ overall wellness.
  • The Student Well-Being (SWB) monitoring and support system has been activated on LMS and VinschoolOne platforms, enabling collaborative efforts with parents to update information, monitor, guide, and support students’ well-being across the entire system.
  • Vinschool’s School Psychologist’s Office (SPO) is responsible for developing and implementing well-being support programmes throughout the system. In collaboration with teachers, staff, and parents, SPO personnel conduct routine assessments of students’ well-being, provide support and intervention for those facing challenges, and propose specialised assistance for students in need.

The BEWELL- SCHOOL WELLBEING FORUM project is organised by Vinschool students throughout the academic year, featuring various activities such as workshops on students’ well-being and sharing sessions featuring narratives of joy from students, parents, teachers, and staff, conveyed through mediums like photos, videos, and articles.

For further details regarding the well-being programmes at Vinschool and additional consultation on supporting your child’s overall well-being, parents are encouraged to contact the Vinschool School Psychologist’s Office (SPO) at the following phone number: 024 3975 3333 (ext: 8653, 8654).

Food/drink prepared by parents for students must be approved by the Principal for valid reasons (such as dietary restrictions, special nutritional requirements due to medical conditions, etc.). Additionally, the food/drink must be in its original packaging with labels and within the expiration date. For homemade food, parents must provide a commitment to take full responsibility in the event of any incidents involving the student.