Frequently Asked Questions

Cambridge certificates are now accepted by more than 1,400 colleges/universities in 195 countries, including highly ranked universities in the UK, US and many other countries.

Having an A Level certificate from Cambridge is an advantage for students when applying to college/university but they still have to meet the entry requirements in the application process according to the criteria of each college/university, which apply to all students

The selection of students for the Cambridge program is very thorough and the standards are very high, students must already excel in their major subjects as well as English language in order to be eligible, which means not every student can enter. If for some reason a student cannot keep up with the program, teachers will assess their weaknesses and the school will provide support to help students catch up with the program.

Passing the admission test is a must to become a Vinschool student. In the event that a student does not pass the admission test, his/her parents may request to review the test result with the Vinschool Admissions Department.

The admission criteria regarding English language of the Cambridge program include:

  • Assessment and comment from the ESL teacher who is currently teaching the student (for students studying at Vinschool).
  • An interview in English
  • Written test (for 2nd grade or higher):
    • An English reading test for 2nd – 6th graders.
    • An English writing and reading test for 7th -12 graders.

Vinschool integrates the Cambridge program with the curriculum developed by the Ministry of Education and Training to reduce the duplication of content from the Ministry’s own curriculum. Primary school students will study 40 periods per week and secondary school students will study 36 periods per week. They will have Saturday and Sunday off school as usual.

Vinschool works directly with Cambridge in the UK, for example: Cambridge school code of Vinschool Times City is VN181, that of Vinschool The Harmony is VN280.

We have currently trained teachers on the new programs launched in school year 2018-19, and teachers have also been trained full time during the summer. Accordingly, Vinschool teachers will have 3 key training programs:

  • Training on Educational Psychology – according to Educational Psychology programs being applied in the UK & US. The School has invited experts from the American School Counselor Association to provide Vinschool teachers with first-hand knowledge of educational psychology similar to teachers in developed countries.
  • Training on active teaching methods according to international standards.
  • Subject teachers are professionally trained on their respective subjects.
    During the implementation (during the school year) teachers must continously reassess the implementation of the programs and make necessary adjustments to deliver the content efficiently.

Every unit and lesson of new programs has also been developed in detail by foreign experts, the Board of Education, and the Academic Department. This provides and advantage to teachers when implementing and making the programs consistent for all classes in the same grade.

We also feel confident and believe in our Vinschool teachers, who are very competent and dedicated. Our teachers participate at every stage from developing to finalizing the programs together with experts and the Board of Education, so they deeply understand the content and benefits the programs can provide students.

The recruitment requirements for Cambridge teachers at Vinschool are:

  • Cambridge teachers for Primary school must have a bachelors degree in teaching primary school students.
  • Cambridge teachers for Secondary/High school must have a bachelors degree in teaching their major subject (for example, Maths teacher must have a bachelors degree in teaching Math). Teachers must have a certificate of teaching students by age group.
  • Teachers should have a Cambridge program teaching certificate granted by Cambridge. Teachers who have not received this certificate upon recruitment by Vinschool will have to participate in a training course organized by Cambridge during summer break in order to get a certificate.

Vinschool provides a bus service for students in two forms, namely picking students up at their home or at a bus stop. The School will always try its best to meet the transport needs of its students and to ensure that students are transported by the shortest route. Parents may find up-to-date information on bus stops for student pick-up/ drop-off on the school’s website at:

If a student needs to be picked up at home, the school can only provide such a service if it is in line with a bus route and may only pick the student up at the top of an alley (if the bus cannot enter the alley).

Parents may contact the Customer Care Officer at the School Admission Office to fill in the registration form for the bus service, or to cancel registration. The School Administration Division in charge of arranging the bus routes will consider the list of registrants and inform parents of the bus placements.

With its state-of-the-art facilities, Vinschool can meet all needs to provide a daycare service.

Classrooms are well-ventilated, the canteen is well maintained, the campus is clean and green and the functional rooms and the library are spacious. All of this contributes to a comfortable learning environment and daycare service for students, which operates from Monday to Friday. Moreover, Vinschool is one of the very few schools which has security guards on duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Every campus is equipped with security cameras to ensure student safety.

After-school extracurricular activities are optional, so if parents wish to register their child, they will have to pay the additional fee that are sent in the School’s announcement.

School excursions are also extracurricular activities of students. Parents will need to pay a fee for school excursions at the beginning of school year. If a student cannot participate in a school excursions, parents will also need to send a written request to the homeroom teacher before the school excursions is organized to obtain approval from School Management Team. Unused school excursions fees will be refunded to parents in these cases.

The value of any customer appreciation coupon will not be refunded by cash under any circumstances. If a student does take a short leave of absence during the school year, with consent from their Homeroom Teacher and the School Management Team, then the value of the customer appreciation coupon will not be reserved or refunded.

If you have any questions, please kindly contact the Admissions Department of the Vinschool Education System on: (04) 3975.3333 ext. 2 or via email at:

For families who have two or more biological children studying at Vinschool, the discount policy for tuition fees under curriculum will be applied as follows:

  • The second child will get a discount equivalent to 5% of the tuition fee for the main program of study.
  • The third child onwards will get a discount equivalent to 30% of tuition fee for the main program of study.
  • This discount policy is applied according to the sequence of children in a family.