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Benefits of Creative Arts for preschool children

“Creative arts” is one of the six learning domains in Vinschool’s Kindergarten curriculum, which features activities that actively stimulate children’s imagination through shapes, dances, music, and performances. Art activities are always organized to arouse children’s excitement, develop their confidence, passion for creativity, and help them learn how to...
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Ways to Support a Child’s Language Development in the Early Years

Language is an extremely important part of children’s development. It is a foundation for children to develop their ability to communicate, learn, express their thinking and ideas, understand others’ feelings, and develop and maintain relationships. According to research on brain development by the Center on the Developing Child...
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“Brain breaks” – Quick Exercises to Relax the Brain

Children can hardly sit still because they have a high demand for physical movement. When they start to lose concentration, their brain immediately returns to the state of relaxation. In fact, constant fidgeting and moving around are ways for them to stimulate their brain to “get back to...
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