Vinschool Grand Park provides students not only with knowledge but also with learning skills, critical thinking abilities, and leadership capabilities. Vinschool Grand Park helps students develop good character and attitudes, becoming global citizens who embody Vietnamese cultural identity and national pride.

Statement of Vinschool Grand Park

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Personalized education helps each student become the best version of themselves, valuing individual progress.



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Comprehensive development with an advanced education program and diverse experiential learning activities inside and outside the classroom.



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Building a school culture that emphasizes mutual support, encouraging secondary and high school students to lead and assist primary school students through the Student Council’s Learnovate project.



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Parental involvement is an essential bridge for students’ academic success, aligning with CIS standards for a connected and supportive school community.



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Fostering a lifelong passion for learning in a happy environment where students are proactive in learning and exploring.







Includes 5 levels: Kitty (18-24 months), Nemo (24-36 months), Bambi (3-4 years), Pooh (4-5 years), Alvin (5-6 years), with two programs: Advanced and Cambridge Advanced.


The educational program is designed based on competency-oriented education, helping children develop comprehensively in terms of physical, intellectual, mental, character, and social relationships.


The program for students from Kitty to Pooh is designed based on the UK Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) framework; ensuring balanced development for children across 7 areas of learning, focusing on developing thinking skills, stimulating curiosity, multi-dimensional thinking, and creativity.


Alvin students begin transitioning to the Cambridge Primary Program with English, Math, and Science components adapted to the Vietnamese context (for the Advanced program) or taught directly in English by international teachers (for the Cambridge program).



Outstanding achievements with 92 national awards in the 2022-2023 academic year and 139 national awards in the 2023-2024 academic year across various fields.


The curriculum follows output standards, personalizes learning, and incorporates experiential learning, providing students with positive and effective learning experiences.


Implementation of the Cambridge Math and Science programs in both the Standard and Advanced systems, allowing students to access advanced educational programs worldwide.


Emphasis on building a lifelong learning culture through interactions and spreading positive learning mindsets among students, thereby enhancing community development.


Valuing student voices by fostering critical thinking, creativity, and problem-solving skills through 10 student-led talk shows in the past academic year. These initiatives help change perspectives of students, parents, and teachers on how people interact with themselves, others, and nature.

High school


An advanced curriculum and an international standard environment provide diverse learning opportunities and comprehensive development for over 1,400 secondary and high school students.


Building a school culture that emphasizes mutual support, not only between teachers and students but also among students, highlighted by the Student Council’s “Learnovate Tutoring” program.


A team of highly qualified and experienced Cambridge English (ESL) teachers with international teaching credentials.


Advanced program students are assessed through the CAT4 tests, enabling the school to monitor student progress and academic performance accurately according to international standards.


Grand Park Vinser's Voice

Studen Tran Thi Bao Chau –

The things I love most about Vinschool is that my teachers always listen to my ideas, provide me with invaluable support, and work alongside me to transform my dreams into reality!
Hello everyone, my name is Bảo Châu a 10th-grade student at Vinschool Grand Park. Some traditional teaching methods only focus on memorizing basic knowledge. Despite that, Vinschool provides a unique educational experience that exposes us to various subjects such as GCED, Việt Nam Học, and CLISE which help us extend our perspectives on global issues. One of the things I love most about Vinschool is that my teachers always listen to my ideas, provide me with invaluable support, and work alongside me to transform my dreams into reality.

Student Pham Nguyen Bao Ngoc –

I am deeply grateful to my parents for letting me study at such a wonderful school as Vinschool Grand Park.
After two years of being a Vinser of Vinschool Grand Park, I have many beautiful and wonderful memories with my beloved teachers and friends here. I especially like the modern facilities, with fully equipped classrooms and spacious areas, which create an ideal learning environment for Vinsers. The school's lab is fully equipped with devices and tools, allowing me to conveniently and safely conduct science experiments. Additionally, I was very surprised by the number of musical instruments in the Music room, such as the organ, guitar, ukulele, drums, and many other interesting instruments. I also really enjoy PE classes in the school's Multi-Purpose Hall because it's very spacious and has very cool air conditioning. Moreover, the library is probably the place I visit most often at school, as it is the perfect place for me to do homework, review for exams, or occasionally find a book to read among the countless books in the library. Besides the wonderful facilities, I also deeply appreciate the teachers at the school. Although studying can be exhausting, thanks to the enthusiastic teaching and support from the teachers, we were able to overcome those challenges and complete the school year excellently. Furthermore, I am very fond of the school principal, Mr. Robert Jonathan Davies. He always has a bright smile when he sees the students and can spend hours listening to students' feedback and suggestions about the school. Another thing I really like about Vinschool is the opportunity to study subjects such as Vietnamese Studies, GCED (Global Citizenship Education), and CLISE (Creative Learning, Innovation, and Social Entrepreneurship). These subjects have taught me practical knowledge and skills that help me grow and become a global citizen who can contribute to Vietnam in the future. I am deeply grateful to my parents for letting me study at such a wonderful school as Vinschool Grand Park.

Student Pham Gia Phuc –

I've had an extremely special year at Vinschool.
Hello everyone! I'm Phúc, a 9th grader in the 2023-2024 school year. I've had an extremely special year at Vinschool. There are too many memorable moments from my transition year. However, the most joyful memory for me was the journey to the basketball championship with 9B1. Despite not being the team with the most outstanding individuals and having to face older teams with a physical advantage, 9B1 overcame it all to win with their brilliant tactical minds and admirable teamwork.

Student Ho Ngoc Khanh Linh –

The extracurricular activities and field trips offered by the school are highly practical, providing students with opportunities to engage with knowledge beyond the confines of textbooks.
Having been a part of Vinschool for 5 years and having the fortunate opportunity to experience all three campuses within the system, I have recognized many commendable commonalities among these learning institutions. Firstly, I was immediately impressed by the modern facilities upon my first School tour. Everything is designed to facilitate effective and practical hands-on learning for students, particularly in subjects such as science, physical education, music, and ICT. Secondly, the teaching methods and teachers' attitudes towards students are truly remarkable. Teachers always maintain a respectful demeanor and encourage creativity in every learning activity. Most of our teachers are genuinely kind and approachable, and we hold them in great esteem for their expertise and dedication. Furthermore, the extracurricular activities and field trips offered by the school are highly practical, providing students with opportunities to engage with knowledge beyond the confines of textbooks. These experiences are truly enriching and engaging! Lastly, something that almost all of us students are extremely fond of is the delicious and diverse school meals. The menu is constantly changing, and we even get to try a variety of international cuisines, including Vietnamese, European, and Korean dishes. We are truly grateful for the unique "Vinschool" experiences that the school provides us with! Overall, my time at Vinschool has been an enriching and transformative experience. I am incredibly grateful for the opportunities I have been given to learn, grow, and thrive in this supportive and stimulating environment.



The Student Council Successfully Organized A Year-End Party Event Called “ESPAZO”

On the evening of May 31, 202. The student council of Vinschool Grand Park Secondary & High School successfully organized a year-end party event for students in the school called “ESPAZO”. The event attracted a large number of students to participate with diverse competitions such as dancing, singing, and dancing. In addition, the organizers also […]

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Grade 6 Student Publish The First Book About Family Affection And Love For Animals

During the launch ceremony of her first work on May 30, Minh Khue – a student of class 6B3 – shared about the process of composing the Vietnamese-English bilingual book. Minh Khue said that the story in the book was inspired by Su – the pet dog raised by her family. Through the story of […]

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Vinsers Competed in the Sport Week at Vinschool Grand Park Secondary & High School

The annual sports tournament Sport Week at Vinschool Grand Park Secondary & High School took place with impressive achievements of Vinsers. From basketball and badminton courts to swimming pools, athletes delivered inspiring performances and noble sportsmanship. Not only is it a traditional playground, Sport Week is also a place where Vinsers can show off the […]

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Experience outdoor lessons at Vinschool Grand Park Secondary & High School

At Vinschool Grand Park Secondary & High School, students not only experience traditional classroom lessons but also have the opportunity to learn outdoors, especially in Biology lessons. This is a meaningful initiative, bringing many benefits to the comprehensive development of students. In outdoor Biology lessons, students have direct access to specimens and natural phenomena such […]

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Leadership Day 2024

Vinschool Grand Park held a special event – Leadership Day. This is a special opportunity for students to show off their talent, creativity, and solidarity by coming up with their own ideas and organizing activities for parents to experience. Not only that, the event is even more meaningful when there is a connection between students […]

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The Closing Ceremony and Coming of Age Ceremony For Grade 9 Students

The 2023-2024 school year has ended with glorious achievements of Vinschool Grand Park teachers and students. At the closing ceremony and coming of age ceremony for grade 9 students, the school, students, teachers and parents reviewed outstanding memories, mentally preparing for a new school year. challenge and opportunity. Throughout the past year, Vinsers have made […]

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The Grade 5 Graduation Ceremony at Vinschool Grand Park Primary School

When the red phoenix petals flaunted themselves in the sunlight and the purple linden branches bloomed in the familiar corner of the school yard, the young students of Vinschool Grand Park Primary School whispered: Summer vacation is almost here! . Every summer brings not only relaxation and joy, but also profound sadness due to the […]

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Vinschool Grand Park Primary School – The 2023 – 2024 School Year Closing Ceremony

On May 30 and 31, 2024, Vinschool Grand Park Primary School jubilantly held the 2023 – 2024 School Year Closing Ceremonies with the participation of Parents, Students, and all teachers and staff. school. In a bustling atmosphere welcoming summer “The schoolyard is sparkling with sunlight Teachers, parents, we are happy.” We sit together and look […]

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Facilities and Infrastructure

Secondary & High School

The Playground

The outdoor playground will be a great space for students to participate in experiential activities and explore nature. It will be equipped with outdoor play equipment designed to be age-appropriate, safe, and conducive to various sports and school events.

The library

The library space combines learning and play for children, encouraging a love for reading and creativity. The room utilizes natural light, is well-organized, and creatively decorated to create an ideal environment for children. It is equipped with hundreds of books and stories on various themes, has comfortable seating areas, and integrates puppets and other activities.

The Art room

The art room is designed as an open space with a large mirror and ballet barre to help students practice dance and develop performance skills. The room is creatively decorated with musical notes and colorful writings to create a cheerful environment that stimulates creativity and enhances students' learning interest. It includes musical instruments such as drums, keyboards, guitars, and smaller instruments like bells, allowing students to explore and learn to play different types of instruments.


The STEAM room is a creative space filled with various equipment and learning materials. It includes separate areas for scientific experiments, construction, art, and reading. Children are encouraged to participate in hands-on activities and self-discovery, fostering the development of creativity and logical thinking skills from an early age.

The Multi-purpose room

The multiplication room is a flexible and multifunctional space designed to facilitate children's exploration and comprehensive development in an engaging and safe learning environment. It is equipped with modern facilities and equipment such as projectors, computers, and educational tools to support learning and teaching activities. Additionally, it serves as an ideal venue for events like festivals, community gatherings, and as a perfect learning location for the Vivokids program.

The Softplay area

The Softplay area is a large and safe space designed to be fun for children. It features a soft foam-covered environment ensuring safety during playtime, with vibrant room designs. Exciting activities such as slides, climbing structures, trampolines, and building blocks will thrill and engage children, allowing them to play and move freely.

Swimming pool

It is built indoors, spacious (over 1000m2) and the water is treated through two specialized filtration systems.

The playground

The outdoor playground consists of a football field (standardized for 5 players) and a basketball court.

Sports zone

The sports and recreational area is designed to be suitable and safe for different age groups, meeting all sports activities and school events.

ICT room

This is the ICT room (computer lab). Vinschool Grand Park has a total of 3 computer rooms fully equipped to serve the needs of students.

Art room

It is designed to promote development and creativity in the field of art and design. The art rooms are fully equipped with art materials, tools, and necessary equipment to carry out activities such as drawing, painting..

The multi-function hall

The multi-purpose hall with a spacious and open area (over 600m2), safety, serves physical training and group activities such as opening ceremony of the new school year, graduation ceremony..

The Innovationt center

This is the Creative Laboratory, where students can register to use it for conducting scientific research projects, as well as being operated by the Gate Vinschool Center (Vinschool Talent Development and Consulting Center).

The library

The bilingual library is over 500m2, equipped with thousands of diverse and abundant books, ranging from textbooks and study materials to scientific research materials...

The swimming pool

It is built indoors, spacious (over 1000m2) and the water is treated through two specialized filtration systems.

Sport zone

The outdoor playground consists of a football field (standardized for 5 players) and a basketball court.
The sports and recreational area is designed to be suitable and safe for different age groups, meeting all sports activities and school events.

The canteen

The canteen has a capacity of up to 1200 students per meal, with a one-way kitchen process that ensures compliance with the highest standards of food safety and hygiene. It is spacious, well-ventilated, and clean. The menu is advised by nutrition experts, featuring a weekly rotation of dishes.