To deliver a comprehensive, innovative academic program in a positive learning environment that supports the development of confident, world-ready citizens.
– Statement of Vinschool Times City –

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The largest inter-level school cluster from kindergarten to high school in the Vinschool Education System.


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Numerous generations of students have achieved excellence in various academic and extracurricular fields, gaining admission to top universities both domestically and internationally.

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Personalized learning pathways tailored to each student.

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Emphasis on student voice and participation in school activities and the policymaking process.





Includes five campuses: Vinschool Times City T1-T2, Vinschool Times City T8-T9, and Vinschool Times City T36, featuring five class groups: Kitty, Nemo, Bambi, Pooh, Alvin, and three educational programs: Standard, Advanced, and Cambridge.


The program for students from Kitty to Pooh is designed based on the UK Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) framework, ensuring balanced development across seven learning areas. It emphasizes cognitive development, curiosity, multidimensional thinking, and creativity.


Alvin students begin the Cambridge International Curriculum, with English, Math, and Science subjects localized for the Standard and Advanced programs, or taught entirely in English by international teachers for the Cambridge program.


Diverse and engaging extracurricular activities enhance experiential learning, develop academic and life skills, and nurture talents through intentional play-based activities.


Regular workshops and projects connecting with parents are organized, offering a wide range of content and activities. These events aim to broaden the educational landscape and provide a multifaceted view of early childhood education, fostering comprehensive support for student development.



One of the first schools in Vietnam to receive comprehensive accreditation from the Council of International Schools (CIS).


Offers a well-rounded education to train students to become 21st-century global citizens, including Standard and Advanced (Cambridge) programs with student-centered teaching methods. Emphasis is placed on differentiated instruction and personalized learning, complemented by a variety of extracurricular activities to equip students with comprehensive knowledge and social skills.


Faculty members meet international teacher standards, possess strong professional expertise, practical experience, and are always ready to support students in any situation.


Regular training sessions are conducted for students, teachers, and school staff on Child Protection Policies, Online Safety Policies, Anti-Bullying Regulations, Emergency Evacuation, Bus Safety, Fire Drills, Lockdowns, and more to ensure safety and security.


880 domestic and international awards in various academic fields such as Math, Science, and English in the most recent school year.


Students are encouraged to express their views and perspectives through monthly newsletters, morning radio, and student-led projects such as “Anti-Bullying”, “Building a Culture of Good Behavior”, “Environment and Recycling”, “Gender and Racial Equality”, and more, contributing to a positive, dynamic, and creative learning environment.


A wide range of extracurricular and out-of-class activities in various fields, including sports (football, basketball, swimming), arts (Got Talent, Fashion Show), skills (Leadership Day), charity (second-hand goods fair, UNICEF “Orange Campaign” project), and more, helping students develop holistically.

High school


Nearly 50% of 12th-grade students receive scholarships ranging from 30% to 100% from top universities in Vietnam and around the world, including VinUni, Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD), Denison University, University of London, DePauw University, Amsterdam University, Miami University, and more.


The first Vinschool campus authorized to host the international SAT exam, attracting 300 candidates annually. The average SAT score is 1417, with the highest score reaching 1570/1600 (top 1% globally).


743 national and international awards in various academic fields such as Math, Science, English, and others in the most recent school year.


The only Vinschool campus offering the NCUK University Preparation Program. NCUK students at Vinschool have achieved outstanding results, with 70% scoring A and A* grades, and 90% receiving scholarships from prestigious universities worldwide.


Students receive one-on-one academic advising to build study plans, apply for universities, and choose subjects that match their abilities.


Leading the Vinschool system in organizing career guidance activities and key university application events, such as Career Day, Internship Week, University Exhibitions, “A Day as a University Student,” and system-wide academic competitions like the Psychology and Economics Forum. In 2024, the Critical Thinking Forum attracted 34,000 livestream views.


Emphasis on school psychological health with year-round psychology workshops and timely one-on-one counseling support. The school values and amplifies the role and voice of students in all school activities.


Times City Vinser's Voice

Student Nguyen Phuong Linh – Class 9A17

VINSCHOOL T37 is my choice for yesterday, today, and forever!
For me, a student who has been with Vinschool for nearly 10 years, this place has helped me tremendously in my journey to explore and conquer my dreams and aspirations. Additionally, at Vinschool, we can develop and strengthen the mindset of a global citizen. Each Vinser will become a lifelong learner, confidently embarking on new adventures and discoveries that await us. We learn not only to know and understand but also to lead, create, and adapt to the evolving society. Moreover, Vinschool emphasizes the importance of mental health and amplifies the voices of students. VINSCHOOL T37 has, is, and will always accompany me on my developmental journey!

Student An Bao Viet – Class Alvin 5

Every day going to school is a happy day for me.
My name is An Bao Viet, a student of class Alvin 5, Vinschool Times City T8 - T9 Kindergarten. I love going to school every morning because I am greeted with bright smiles from the security guard, House-keeping staff, nurses and teachers. When I go to class, I am treated with love, care, and thoughtfulness from the teachers in every meal and nap time as well as in great lessons. I will not forget the interesting activities and fun games together with my friends in super exciting events. I also love the chefs' delicious dishes, we all eat deliciously and do our best to grow taller every day. I love Vinschool and love going to class every day!

Student Pham Minh Khanh – Class 3B03

My favorite subject is Information Communications Technology (ICT).
In the 3rd grade curriculum, besides subjects such as Vietnamese, Math, Science, my favorite subject is Information Communications Technology (ICT). Through the course, Vinsers have been acquainted with and approached useful and interesting information technology knowledge. I am very impressed with the ICT teacher - Ms. Maika because she is very enthusiastic about guiding students in the lessons and quizzes to review the lessons, which were really interesting.

Student Marta Minh Messina – Class 5A08

The summer vacation is a time to rest, had fun and always be an opportunity for Vinsers to practice the knowledge and skills of a global citizen that Vinsers have learned at school.
This summer 2024 was the same as every other summers, which was a time to rest, had fun and always be an opportunity for Vinsers to practice the knowledge and skills of a global citizen that Vinsers have learned at school such as leadership skills, critical skills, analytical skills and receiving new sources of knowledge about global culture. Along with interesting trips with my family, exploring new lands and new cultures, I still maintained online classes, participated in debate and presentation clubs. Besides, I also exercised physically by walking and swimming. Learning by playing, learning by playing, gently but effectively.

Student Nguyen Minh Quan – Class 4B07

Vinschool Timescity Primary School is a very special school, a cradle full of love with teachers who raise us up, help us achieve our goals and chase our dreams.
Teachers always care, help and create environments for each student to develop their talents. Each Vinser is always encouraged and given opportunities to practice and shine. It's wonderful that I've been able to study and grow up here for the past 4 years.

Student Pham Minh Nghia – Class 9A16

My Summer Break Becomes More Meaningful with Vinschool's Summer Camp.
As a Vinser who loves sports and outdoor activities, summer is truly a fantastic time for me. I have more time to play and practice my favorite sports to my heart's content. However, playing alone at home can get boring, so my mom signed me up for Vinschool's summer camp when I was in 7th grade. Since then, my summer breaks have become more meaningful than ever, and my phone and video games have lost their appeal. At Vinschool’s summer camp, I have friends and teachers who join me in incredible experiences. In the mornings, I get to be active on the sports fields, and at lunchtime, I enjoy delicious meals. Then, in the afternoons, I learn new skills. I think as long as Vinschool offers summer camp, I'll be there, participating in every single session.



Vinschool Art Gallery – Vinschool Times City Kindergarten

The “Vinschool art gallery” project conveys the message that every child is an artist – a place where students can unleash their creativity with a passion for art, showcasing their unique ideas.  Students are allowed to use a variety of different materials to create their own portrait according to their preferences. Giving students the freedom […]

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Special Friday at Vinschool Times City Kindergarten

Every day at school is a happy day, but what makes it even more special is that every week students have a “special Friday” – with the purpose of increasing students’ interest in going to school – and to close the school week with a meaningful mark. Let’s follow in the footsteps of the students […]

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“Show and Tell” Final Round – Vinschool Times City Kindergarten

With the “BE WITH YOU” project, continuing the series of events to develop children’s English skills, Vinschool Times City T1-T2 kindergarten has successfully organized the BE YOU SHINE YOUR WAY competition, leaving a good impression on parents and students. BE YOU SHINE YOUR WAY is an opportunity for children to express their thoughts, opinions, and […]

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End of the school year 2023 – 2024 Closing Ceremony – Happy Children’s Day of Vinschool Times City T1-T2 Kindergarten at the Central Circus.

The Event of the school year 2023 – 2024 closing ceremony – Happy Children’s Day of Vinschool Times City T1-T2 Kindergarten at the Central Circus marks the end of the school year. On behalf of all the staff & teachers of the school, We would like to express our deepest gratitude to the parents who […]

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Exciting Games at the Vivokids Fun Fest Event

Aimed at providing children with a fun and engaging sports playground while developing team skills and overall health, Vinschool Times City Kindergarten organizes the Vivokids Fun Fest event. At the Vivokids program, young Vinser participants learn six sports: football, basketball, floorball, baseball, rugby, and tennis. Numerous exciting and challenging games have truly brought a lively […]

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The project “Exploring Nature” – Children Love The Green Planet at Vinschool Times City Kindergarten

The special thing about the project “Exploring Nature – Journey through fire, air, water, and earth” is that the children will wear green shirts and meet on a specific Friday to participate in activities such as exchanging old batteries/paper waste/plastic trash for trees. This is a very meaningful activity that helps students have the opportunity […]

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Program For Inducting New Members In The School Year 2023-2024

In accordance with the Vinschool Times City Primary School’s Youth Union and Children’s Movement Program for the 2023-2024 school year, 916 new members have been inducted into the Ho Chi Minh Young Pioneer Organization. The new members inducted into the Organization are diligent children with good academic achievements who actively participate in school events and […]

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Workshop On Implementing Injury Prevention For Primary School Students

In mid-April 2024, the Workshop on Implementing Injury Prevention for Primary School Students took place at the Multipurpose Hall of Vinschool Times City T36 Primary School. The event attracted numerous parents, students, teachers, and school staff. At the beginning of the workshop, the presenter, Master Nguyễn Minh Thắng from the Vietnam Academy of Science, shared […]

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Vinschool Times City Secondary School’s Book Week 2023

At Vinschool, Book Week is an annual event beloved by Vinsers. Vinschool Times City Secondary School’s Book Week 2023 ran from October 24th to November 14th, 2023. This special time in the school year allows Vinsers to share their passion for reading, recommend great books, and exchange valuable lessons learned from their favorite reads. This […]

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Vinschool’s Class of 2024 Graduation Ceremony: A Touching Farewell moment

On the morning of May 31st, Vinschool’s graduating class of 2024 celebrated their achievements and bid farewell to their beloved school at a moving graduation ceremony held at Vinschool Times City High School. The event marked a significant milestone for these young adults as they embark on a new chapter in their lives. The ceremony […]

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Facilities and Infrastructure

Secondary & High School


Vinschool Times City Secondary School is located at Vinhomes Times City, Minh Khai, Hai Ba Trung district, Hanoi.

The playground

The spacious playground with a variety of toys helps children satisfactorily have fun and release their energy

The softplay area

The softplay area with in-a-row movement games always attract students to participate.

The classroom

Equipped with modern facilities, the classrooms are divided into different corners to create convenience for the students to participate in activities. Smartboards in the classroom allow teachers and students to interact, touch and write on the interactive screen, bringing a great experience for students as well.

The library

Library with many different activity corners and thousands of books about a variety of learning topics including English storybooks and Vietnamese storybooks suitable for children at the age of Kindergarten from Toddlers to Preschoolers.

The multi-purpose room

The multi-purpose room is the largest indoor space with full-equipped tools and equipment to help the teachers prepare a safe practice environment for students.

The rest-room

There are rest-rooms in each floor, which are very convenient for the children.

The kitchen

One-way kitchens ensure strict standards about food hygiene and safety.

The classroom

The classroom is spacious and airy, equipped with amenities including air conditioning, projector, whiteboard, chalkboard, Smart Board... ensuring the fulfillment of commitments to providing a modern and convenient learning environment for students.

The ICT room

The ICT room is equipped with Smart Board and the number of computers in each classroom ensures that students have sufficient individual learning devices.

The swimming pool

The Four seasons indoor swimming pool features modern facilities and a temperature control system to ensure operational use throughout the academic year.

Sport zone

The covered artificial turf field and standard basketball court enable students to develop talents and interests through academic activities and sports tournaments.

The Maker Space room

The Maker Space room is designed following models from developed countries around the world, promising to enhance students' creativity and innovation capabilities. Students will engage in various scientific projects and hands-on invention activities in the Maker Space room.

The outdoor playground

The outdoor playground with smart designs and safe materials will help students relieve stress after each school hour and promote physical activity to enhance their personal health.


Vinschool Times City Secondary School is located inside Vinhomes Times City, Minh Khai, Hai Ba Trung district, Hanoi.

The campus

The school campus is spacious and green, providing an ideal learning environment for students.

The classrooms

The classrooms are equipped with modern facilities. At the back of the classroom is a large pinboard for various student learning purposes. The desks and chairs can be easily moved around for group work or to complete assignments as instructed by the teachers.

The Innovation Center

The Innovation Center is built based on the model of creative experimentation spaces in developed countries.

The library

The modern library offers various reading corners and a rich collection of books across many subjects, from renowned domestic and international publishers.

The library

The library is a space where students can discover and share interesting books, fostering a reading culture, as well as collaborate and discuss in an open environment.

The laboratory

Vinsers can conduct experiments and explore science in the well-equipped laboratories.

The ICT Lab room

The ICT Lab room is fully equipped to meet the ICT learning needs of students at the school.

The Art room

The Art room is fully equipped with art supplies, providing Vinsers with a creative space for Art classes.

The Music room

The Music room is equipped with a variety of modern and traditional instruments, helping students develop their artistic talents.

The Sports hall

The Sports hall is designed to meet safety standards for students and is used for sports and extracurricular activities.

The canteen

The canteen is spacious, airy, and clean.

The restroom

Each floor has a designated restroom for students.