Vinsers Conclude an Impressive School Year, Ready to Welcome an “Explosive” Summer!!!

Friday, 31/05/2024, 18:05 (GMT+7)

Vinschool Kindergartens recently organized an emotional and impressive “End of the School Year” program and “Graduation Ceremony for Alvin Students.” This event was an opportunity to acknowledge the continuous efforts of Vinsers and for the students to showcase their talents and growth after a year of hard work.

During the “End of the Year” program and “Graduation Ceremony,” the young Vinsers delivered colorful performances on stage. From graceful dances and joyful songs to amusing musical acts, each performance reflected the students’ effort, creativity, and joy in learning. Every act was not just a performance but a testament to their comprehensive development in physical, intellectual, and spiritual aspects.

Watching their children confidently perform in front of a large audience, parents felt immense happiness witnessing their children’s progress after their time at Vinschool Kindergarten. This growth came not only from classroom lessons but also from the love, dedicated care of the teachers, and the support and companionship of the parents.

Congratulations to the Vinsers for completing a successful school year. Let’s get ready to welcome an “explosive” summer at Vinschool!