Discover school year’s biggest fairytale event with Vinsers

Monday, 21/08/2023, 18:08 (GMT+7)

"Wonderland Discovery Week" – the second in the fascinating series of summer events at Vinschool – has immersed kids in the glistening and magical world with impressive activities. The event was inspired by "Alice in Wonderland International Holiday" (July 4) and the exciting adventure of the characters in this well-known novel. Let's immerse ourselves in the fairy world with Vinschool children! 1, 2, 3 … Open sesame!

The event’s activities will be organized with a student-centered approach, giving students the chance to participate, practice, and be hands-on. As the teachers and students are constantly immersed in the activities, the school environment is always lively.

The school has been “transformed” into an amazing fairy kingdom complete with palaces and castles. These are the students’ products under teachers’ guidance. The fairy tale world appears bright and vivid
Students show creativity and ingenuity when working with teachers to make props of their favourite fairy tale characters
Famous fairy tale excerpts are reproduced on the mini theatre stage of each class. The kids portray the character and act and read the dialogue with confidence. Each child benefits from this activity by developing their language abilities and emotional intelligence
In addition to acting out plays in Vietnamese, students also confidently perform musicals in English
Drawing, painting, controlling shadow puppets, tangling sticks, and other artistic exercises encourage students to use their imagination and creativity to the fullest
Reading and learning new fairy tales will expose kids to profound lessons about life and help them develop language skills while immersing in the world of fairies
Many parents become special guests when coming to class to join the tea party – telling stories or designing handmade costumes for their children
Under the magical spell, the transformation of the “little wizards and witches”, many scientific secrets were discovered
Watching movies and adventures in fairyland to enrich imagination and inspire creativity for children on their own exciting journeys

The experience of the event is a chance for kids to learn how to confidently express themselves, develop a habit of overcoming obstacles and developing social and emotional skills, communication skills, language ability, and rich vocabulary while also encouraging imagination and creativity in each student.