Bus Service


Bus service is an optional service arranged according to the ability of the School and the wishes of parents. Bus service is only provided in the event that parents have paid for the service in full and the School can set up a bus line suitable to the student’s registration.

The School provides a bus service for students in two forms: “At home” and “At designated points”.

To build a good habit among Primary, Secondary and High school students, the School encourages them to choose the second option. The list of bus pick-up and drop-off points for each school is available on vinschool.edu.vn and on Vinschool’s bus app.

Whether the home pick-up and drop-off service is offered or not depends on the location and the number of registrations in that area:

  • For homes located in the area/lane which is unsafe or unfavorable for the bus to access, students will be picked up/dropped off at a point identified as convenient for bus access and parking and safe for students.
  • For homes being apartments of a building, the bus will pick up/drop off students at the main gate of the building. Parents need to arrange for pick-up at this point.
  • The bus supervisor will confirm the pick-up/drop-off points with parents within the first week of the service. Parents are responsible for taking students to and from the confirmed pick-up/drop-off points.
  • When the number of students using the bus service increases or decreases, the School will notify parents if there is any change in the bus route or pick-up/drop-off times.

The School may use 7-seat, 16-seat, 29-seat or 45-seat buses to transport students, depending on the number of registrants and the traffic conditions of the route, but still ensure the quality of transport (bus managers and drivers are professional and well-experienced; all buses have seat belts, air-conditioners and civil liability insurance, etc.)

The School makes bus line arrangements twice a month. The date of using/changing the bus service during the school year is the 1st of the month for students registering for the bus service/change of bus service between the 9th and 23rd of the previous month, and the 15th of the month for students registering for the bus service/ change of bus service between the 24th of the previous month and the 8th of the current month.

Parents of students who wish to stop using the bus service are required to notify the School at least 15 days before the service end date.

The School reserves the right to refuse the bus service in cases as follows:

  1. Students decline to study at a nearby Vinschool campus even though the distance and travel time conditions are met or there is a suitable bus line for them.
  2. The suitable bus line is full and cannot accept any more students.
  3. Students who register for the bus service are small in numbers and their places are scattered.

The necessary and sufficient conditions to use the bus service include:

  1. Timely registration for the bus service according to the School notice
  2. Prompt payment of bus service fees according to the School notice

Bus arrangements will not be made until both of the conditions above are satisfied and the date of service is in accordance with the regulations at the time the registration is made.


Please take a look at the bus service fees in Vinschool’s Financial Regulations and the following bus policies before registering your child for our bus service this school year:

  • Bus policy for Vinschool Kindergartens: HERE
  • Bus policy for Vinschool Primary, Secondary and High schools: HERE

To register for the bus service, kindly install the VSC Bus app released by Vinschool on Play Store (for Android devices) or on App Store (for iOS devices).

The app icon is as follows:






Here are the steps to log in to the VSC Bus app after installation:

  • Click “Sign Up”
  • Enter phone number (registered with the school)
  • Click “Continue”
  • Enter the verification code sent to your mobile phone
  • Click “Verify”
  • Enter Full name and Password to log in to the app

Parents can see the user manual on the app or HERE. For any support during account creation, please contact us at [email protected] or hotline 18006511. After successful login, to ask for help or leave your feedback, kindly send us a message from the app.


  • Parents who register the bus service for their child are requested to carefully read and adhere to the “Commitment to using the bus service of Vinschool Primary/Secondary/High school”.
  • Individual registrations for pick-up/drop-off points beyond the lists above are identified as home pick-up/drop-off registrations.
  • In case more than 05 students register to be picked up/dropped off at the same location and the nearest pick-up/drop-off point on the list is more than 1km from there, the School will consider adding it to the list.
  • The drop-off point can be opposite to the pick-up point, depending on the bus route and the actual traffic conditions.
  • The School will inform parents of the bus arrangements 03 days before their child starts using the service.
  • The lists of pick-up/drop-off points may change depending on the actual registrations and are regularly updated on the School’s website.
  • The School does not accept pick-up/drop-off registrations that require transporting children 20km or more for Primary, Secondary and High school students and 15km or more for Kindergarten students.