Junior Vinsers Enthusiastically Explore the Traditional Culture of Mid-Autumn Festival

Friday, 06/10/2023, 14:10 (GMT+7)

The Mid-Autumn Festival is always a highly anticipated time for young children. Over the past week, junior Vinsers had the opportunity to explore fascinating aspects of the origins, and significance, of the Mid-Autumn Festival. Simultaneously, they engaged in various experiential activities to gain a deeper understanding of the traditional folk culture associated with this festive occasion.

In Language learning, the children participated in activities such as drama, poetry reading, and delving into the legends and origins of the Mid-Autumn Festival.

The diverse language-related activities provided a natural communication environment for the children.

In Creative Arts, a variety of classroom decorations were crafted with skillful hands of these “little artists.”

The classroom space is enriched with folk-inspired decorations, all created by the children themselves.

The Science Exploration activities became more enticing when the children were given the opportunity to make their own mooncakes. Engaging in the various stages of mooncake production helped the children hone their fine motor skills, estimation abilities, and allowed them to observe the transformation of ingredients. As a result, the sensory experiences of the children were stimulated, making the learning process enjoyable and meaningful.

The youngsters were absolutely thrilled to craft mooncakes with their own hands and present them as gifts to their loved ones.

The junior Vinsers enjoyed physical activities and traditional games such as: tug-of-war, blindfolded goat-catching, and lion dancing. The children enhanced their physical fitness and actively engaged in team sports.

These traditional games brought a lot of joy and excitement to the youngsters.

As part of the CLISE (Character, Leadership, Innovation, Service, and Empathy) skills education activities, the children participated in experiential activities like “Family Meal” and “Mid-Autumn Feast Decoration”, to understand the significance of family togetherness during the Mid-Autumn Festival.

Junior Vinsers worked together as a team to prepare the Mid-Autumn feast.

By integrating these activities into the learning programme, junior Vinsers not only had fun and learned new skills, they also nurtured their understanding of folk culture, contributing to their love for their homeland and their national pride.