In 2023, Vinsers successfully conquered the challenging academic Cambridge International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) programme.

The latest results for Cambridge IGCSE, from Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE) (ranging from A* [the highest grade] to G [the lowest grade]), show:  


51.54% test score from A* – A (highest score), 9.59% higher than the world average

91.51% of test scores are from A* – C, 12.72% higher than the world average

⭐Percentage of students achieving A*/A in Math and Global Perspectives is up to 62.34% and 69.57% respectively, which is 18.04% and 26.77% higher than the average score of students around the world

⭐ In particular, 56 students excelled at achieving perfect A* – A grades in all 5 subjects.

With such impressive IGCSE scores, students can increase their admission opportunity to international high schools or pre-universities.

Let’s congratulate and honour the outstanding students who achieved an A*/A  in each of the five subjects in the recent Cambridge IGCSE exam HERE


Vinschool, which delivers the Cambridge International Education programme in Vietnam, currently offers the widest selection of AS & A-Level subjects. There are 12 subjects for each student to choose from in different combinations based on their strengths, interests and career orientation. Vinschool is extremely proud that our students have achieved impressive scores in the latest AS & A-Level exams.

🔸33.9% A*/A score (highest score), 9.52% higher than the world average
🔸77.63% of test scores from A* – C, 14.51% higher than the world average
🔸In Mathematics and Economics, the percentage of students achieving A*/A is 48.57% and 46.88% respectively, which is 1.5 times higher than the average score of students in the world

🔸31.85% A score (highest score), 9.94% higher than the world average
🔸In particular, in Chemistry and Maths, the percentage of students achieving A is 44.44% and 32.04% respectively, which is 1.5 times higher than the average score of students in the world.

⭐ In particular, 60 students excelled in all AS/A-Levels (3 or 4 subjects)

With such achievements, Vinschool students can confidently apply to the best universities in the world, including the US Ivy Leagues (Harvard, Yales,…) and the UK Russell Group (Cambridge, Oxford,…), or the best universities in Vietnam (e.g. Hanoi University of Foreign Trade, VinUniversity, RMIT University, British University Vietnam, Hanoi University of Technology, and Vietnam National University,…).

Let’s congratulate Vinsers on achieving outstanding results in the AS & A-Level exams HERE.

To date, Vinsers have received acceptance letters from many top-ranked universities in the world such as University of Brighton, University of New South Wales, University of Northampton, Toronto Metropolitan University, University of Calgary, Monash University, Ryerson University, RMIT Melbourne, Deakin University, Michigan State University, University of Technology Sydney, Denison University, York University, University of Alberta, Manhattan College,…