Primary & Secondary School Program


Inheriting the best features of highly respected curricula around the world, the Vinschool Curriculum aims to develop global citizens who embrace their own culture and national identity.

The curriculum is also built upon the latest research on curriculum design, ensuring the alignment of learning outcomes, instructions, and assessments. Within the scope of this curriculum, students not only obtain knowledge but also enhance their critical thinking skill and ability to become global citizens who embrace their own culture and national identity.


The subjects at Vinschool are organized in a 5-discipline model, including the fields of Language, Social Sciences and Humanities, Mathematics and Computer Science, Natural Sciences, and Personal Development. Each subject in each domain not only helps develop subject-specific competencies but also enhances students’ 21st century skills and global citizens’ mindset. This set of 21st century skills was compiled by Dr. Lance G. King, a world-leading expert in skills-based education for students and author of programs widely taught at international schools in 160 countries around the world.

The Vinschool Curriculum is a combination of subjects from the new general educational curriculum by the Ministry of Education and Training, or MoET (namely Vietnamese Language/Literature, History, Geography) and international curricula handpicked by Vinschool (including Sciences, Information & Communications Technology, English, Math, Physical Education). Advanced Program students study these subjects in English and are taught by experienced, dedicated international teachers who are selected and trained according to the standards of international schools of the Council of International School (CIS).

Vinschool places a strong focus on character and skills development for students. Vinschool has collaborated with global and national education experts to design new curricula for Vinschool only, namely GCED, Vietnamese Studies, CLISE, Music, and Art.

In grades 11&12, students are entrusted with customizing their own learning paths with the help of academic counselors. At the beginning of each school year, the school rolls out a course catalog of over 50 different classes designed to meet the specific needs of many careers and the professional development of each student. Along with some subjects commonly seen in typical curricula of Vietnamese high schools, Vinschool offers courses on Psychology, Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Critical Thinking, Applied Statistics, Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence, and so on. By getting a head start on those professional areas, Vinschool students will gain for themselves a competitive edge at any university of their choice, either abroad or in Vietnam. Moreover, students can earn college credits upon completion of these specialized courses. Vinschool is proud to be one of the Cambridge schools in Vietnam offering the widest range of A-Level courses available today. Students can choose from 3-4 subjects suitable for their orientation and capacity.

In service of our mission to nurture talents, the identification and development of gifted students has always been our top priority. As such, Vinschool has established the Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) Center, providing our brightest students with personalized enrichment programs and an ideal environment for them to reach their maximum potential. Each student will have his/her own individualized Advanced Learning Plan (ALP) and be supported by a professional network in their chosen fields. Cognitive ability, creativity, scientific competencies, and many other diverse gifts of GATE students have been showcased and recognized at prestigious international competitions.


To realize the stated educational mission, Vinschool has constructed and implemented its curriculum in such a way that:

Primary, Middle & High School Program

A strong emphasis on competency, skills, and character building.

Approaches such as learning through experience and learning through reflection are frequently used in all subjects.

The curriculum focuses on developing higher-order thinking skills for students such as analysis, evaluation, and creativity.

It demonstrates a serious commitment to foster global citizenship (GCED) as well as national identity (Vietnamese Studies).

Students can learn at their own pace outside of the classroom with e-learning resources, while still receiving help on more complex content during class time.