Overview of CLISE programme at Vinschool Kindergarten

Wednesday, 13/09/2023, 17:09 (GMT+7)

The Character and Life Skills Education (CLISE) programme at Vinschool Kindergarten aims to help students develop and practise necessary personal skills and qualities. Wishing to build a solid foundation for essential competencies, CLISE is not only an educational programme but also an important tool contributing to the development of family, school, and society.

Many studies have shown that a balanced educational environment, where children are encouraged to simultaneously develop their thinking and social-emotional capacities, is the most solid foundation for children to develop comprehensively and become happy citizens who can make positive contributions to society in the future. Research on brain development and educational psychology also suggests that the first five years of a child’s life is the golden period to develop a child’s thinking and social-emotional capacities (according to Growing Mind research hub (Finland) and UNESCO’s research on brain development titled, Building Kinder Brains).

The first five years of life is the golden period for children’s thinking and social-emotional skill development.

Vinschool Kindergarten, with the goal of creating a harmonious educational environment for children to develop their intelligence, thinking ability and social-emotional capacities, has put the Character & Life Skills Education (CLISE) subject into the curriculum. The CLISE programme at Vinschool is implemented using a spiral approach with a seamless and continuous connection from preschool to primary, secondary and high school. Sticking to the five core competency groups, which are emphasised throughout the CLISE programme at the primary and secondary levels, such as: Self-awareness, social awareness, self-management, relationship skills, and responsible decision making- the CLISE programme at Kindergarten is designed to lay the foundation for these essential competencies, through the integration of alternate teaching and training in the content, such as: Bullying Prevention, Empathy, Emotion Management, Problem Solving, Child Protection, and Learning Skills.

Vinschool kindergarten has put the Character & Life Skills (CLISE) subject into its curriculum to help children develop intelligence, thinking ability and social-emotional capacities.

Vinschool Kindergarten students’ CLISE learning outcomes are also created and evaluated based on the criteria of a common set of outcome standards, so as to prepare the learning capacity of this subject for higher education.   

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