Vinschool Smart City inspires each student to become the best version of themselves through dynamic and creative learning experiences, fostering academic excellence and the development of 21st-century skills.

Statement of Vinschool Smart City Primary, Secondary and High School –

 Vinschool Smart City nurtures 21st-century qualities and skills in preschool children through dynamic, creative, and challenging learning experiences.

Statement of Vinschool Smart City Kindergarten –

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The largest private school in western Hanoi, offering education from kindergarten to high school, with a total of

3,465 students.


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Outstanding student achievements with


national and international awards in the 2022-2023 academic year.


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Active, creative learning and critical thinking are consistently integrated into the school’s educational activities.


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School of Kindness – Every Vinser is encouraged to think, practice, and spread kindness in their daily lives.






Includes five class levels: Kitty (18-24 months), Nemo (24-36 months), Bambi (3-4 years old), Pooh (4-5 years old), Alvin (5-6 years old), with three programs: Standard, Advanced, and Cambridge Advanced.


The educational program is designed based on competency-oriented education, helping children achieve holistic development in physical, intellectual, emotional, moral, and social aspects.


The program for students from Kitty to Pooh is based on the UK Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) framework, ensuring balanced development across seven areas of learning. It focuses on fostering critical thinking, stimulating curiosity, multidimensional thinking, and creativity.


Alvin students begin the primary education program under the Cambridge International Curriculum with 3 subjects (English, Mathematics, and Science) localized for the Standard and Advanced programs, or taught directly in English by international teachers for the Cambridge program.



Includes the Standard and Advanced programs with a comprehensive curriculum integrated with the Cambridge International Program, focusing on developing critical thinking, competencies, and global citizenship skills through a variety of experiential, practical, and real-world application learning activities.


A wide range of extracurricular clubs and free talent enrichment classes in sports and arts help students achieve holistic development in physical, intellectual, skill-based, and emotional aspects.


Over 300 national and international awards in the 2022-2023 and 2023-2024 academic years.


Rapid growth rate (from 455 students and 17 classes to 1,115 students and 41 classes in just three years).

High school


Offers a selection of 50 subjects (including AP courses, SAT, and IELTS), personalizing learning pathways, helping nearly 90% of students gain direct admission to top universities in Vietnam through direct application (in 2023).


The only Vinschool institution in western Hanoi with a high school division offering the international Cambridge IGCSE/A-Level program.


Provides the most Cambridge course options in Vietnam with 9 IGCSE subjects and 13 AS & A-Level subjects, personalized learning in Cambridge classes with as few as 5 students per class.


The Cambridge program is taught in English by 100% foreign teachers with teaching credentials and international teaching experience, comprising 70%-90% of total classroom learning time.


One-on-one academic advising to support students in developing learning plans and university applications, and guiding them in choosing subjects that match their abilities.


Focuses on school psychological health, regularly conducting psychological health assessments to prevent issues and provide timely support with 1:1 counseling when needed.


Smart City Vinser's Voice

Student Duong Quynh Nhu – 4A2

I love my school.
Vinschool Smart City is truly my second home. It is a place that captures the excitement and innocence of my childhood. It holds countless beautiful memories of the relationships between teachers and students, and friendships. It is a place that nurtures and helps my dreams take flight towards the horizon of knowledge. For me, each day at school is a day of joy. What I love most about going to school is meeting my teachers and friends.

Student Nguyen Thi Hai Anh – 9A1

Vinschool Smart City has been and continues to be successful in its mission of nurturing the seeds of civilization and excellence.
For me, Vinschool Smart City is an excellent environment for learning and personal development. Here, I can freely explore myself and life, gaining and enriching my knowledge as well as practical experiences. This brings me many valuable lessons, helping me grow and improve myself every day. I can confidently say: "Vinschool Smart City has been and continues to be successful in its mission of nurturing the seeds of civilization and excellence.

Student Nguyen An Huy – 8B1

I enjoy every math lesson.
For many people, math may seem like an uninteresting subject because it requires spending a lot of time dealing with numbers, equations, and geometry. Just reading through the concepts of math can make one feel dizzy. However, for me, math is an incredibly fascinating and useful subject. I always enjoy every math lesson. The knowledge I gain will be extremely beneficial when applied to life and future work. I have learned about charts, statistics, and data processing, things I never had the chance to explore before. Moreover, Mr. Joshua Dee Gates, our math teacher, is humorous, approachable, and incredibly dedicated to his students. Having the opportunity to learn with him for the past two years has been a tremendous blessing. To me, math is truly not an easy subject, but I love it because I have been accompanied by dedicated teachers and wonderful friends. It is these seemingly small things that have made me love and be passionate about learning math more than ever.

Student Mattingly Paul Do David – 5B1

Today will definitely be a happy day at school
I feel so excited about going to school everyday. There are always security guards, teachers and friends welcoming me at school. I think to myself: today will definitely be a happy day at school. The memory that impressed me the most is the basketball game. My class won that game, therefore I felt so proud of my class, and thought that my class was such an amazing team.

Studen Bui Mai Anh – 11A4

Smart City - Where Excellence Converges, Beloved by Vinsers.
Vinschool Smart City is an incredibly friendly and healthy environment. Here, I can freely express my creativity and reveal all aspects of myself. Unlike other schools, Vinschool focuses on creating extracurricular activities and numerous interesting events that carry high spiritual value for students instead of overly concentrating on classroom learning. This aligns with the principle of "active learning" through experience and reflection. Most importantly, the personalized learning pathway designed for each student is the most beneficial aspect, especially for high school students like us. Additionally, the school pays great attention to developing its facilities to support the thinking, creativity, as well as sports and recreational activities of Vinsers. For me, Vinschool Smart City is a place where "excellence converges," and I love it dearly. I am very proud to be a student at this school, where I can both hone my skills and cultivate my character.

Student Do Tuan Trong – 10A3

Teacher's kindness, enthusiasm, and attentiveness make our school days more meaningful!
The teachers at Vinschool Smart City are not only experts in their fields but also incredibly understanding and approachable with the students. During the teaching process, the teachers employ various flexible teaching methods, making the lessons interesting and encouraging active participation from the students. Outside of class, the teachers are like friends, ready to share and motivate us whenever we need it. It is their kindness, enthusiasm, and attentiveness that make our school days more meaningful.



Heritage Education Experience For 12th-Grade Students At The Temple Of Literature

On May 21, right before their critical high school graduation exam, 12th-grade students from Vinschool Smart City Primary, Secondary, and High School took part in an incense offering ceremony and an educational experience themed “CHINA CHARACTERS” at the Temple of Literature. The program has featured a variety of activities, such as a historical and cultural […]

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The First Swimming Tournament

As part of the Vinschool Smart City Primary & Secondary’s Sport Day Week, the Swimming Tournament for Primary students was successfully held on May 18, 2025. The school’s swimming pool was vibrant and bustling with 252 athletes from grades 1 to 5 participating. This activity provided a platform for Vinsers to exercise and pursue their […]

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Leadership Day Vinschool Smart City 2024 – Talented Young Leaders

LEADERSHIP DAY 2024 – On May 26th, the Vinsers of Vinschool Smart City had a very successful leadership day. This was a day for the Vinsers to take the initiative to report and share with their parents the achievements they had made through their learning and experiences over the past school year. The activities were […]

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Final Round of The Stem Competition

On the afternoon of May 23, 2024, the final round of the Primary School STEM competition “Making a Difference” took place successfully. It showcased many unique and highly applicable ideas aimed at sustainable development. After a month-long launch, the contest attracted over 90 students from grades 1 to 5. 57 entries spanned models, software, and […]

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Multicultural Day At Vinschool Smart City

On May 11, 2024, Vinschool Smart City came alive with Multicultural Day, a Global Citizenship Education (GCED) report day for first-grade students with the theme “Diversity.” With the theme “Diversity,” students learned that each individual can be both similar and different, and these differences contribute to the world’s diversity. Diversity brings many benefits but also […]

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The Induction Ceremony of The Ho Chi Minh Young Pioneer Organization For Grades 3-4-5 Students

On the morning of May 13th, amidst the joyful atmosphere celebrating the 83rd anniversary of the establishment of the Ho Chi Minh Young Pioneer Organization (May 15, 1941 – May 15, 2024) and the 134th anniversary of our beloved Uncle Ho’s birth (May 19, 1890 – May 19, 2024), Vinschool Smart City Primary & Secondary […]

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What Will Kindergarten Students Learn About Statistics?

With the Math program at Vinschool Kindergarten, mathematics is not just about numbers and comparisons, but about fostering innovative thinking for future mathematicians through the early introduction of statistical skills.  Vinschool’s unique educational program is designed with a forward-looking vision, integrating basic statistical concepts into the math curriculum for preschoolers, laying the foundation in kindergarten […]

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About Interesting Vivokids Lessons Where I Can Learn To Play Baseball And Uugby

Physical education plays an important role in the well-rounded development of kindergarten children. Through participating in engaging movement games, children can train their endurance,dexterity, agility and flexibility as well as enhance their resistance and reduce health risks. In Vivokids Program in May, baseball and rugby are 2 kinds of sport aiming to not only let […]

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Facilities and Infrastructure

Primary, Secondary & High School

The Classroom

The classroom is equipped with modern desks and chairs, flexible for group study activities. At the back of the class, there is a large pinboard to serve the diverse learning purposes of students.

The Swimming Pool

The indoor swimming pool is spacious, with water treated through two specialized filtration systems.

The Outdoor Physical Activity Area

The outdoor physical activity area is spacious, accommodating Vinsers' needs for playing various sports.

The Music Room

The artistic talents of Vinsers are discovered and nurtured in the Music Room, which features a wide variety of traditional and modern musical instruments.

The Canteen

The canteen is spacious and clean, meeting food safety and hygiene standards, and is always ready to serve Vinsers.

The Multipurpose Hall

The multipurpose hall is designed to meet safety standards for students and serves as a venue for them to participate in sports and extracurricular activities.

The Laboratory

Vinsers can engage in experimental activities and explore science in the Laboratory, which is fully equipped with devices and tools.

The Pathway

The pathway leading to the classroom is spacious, with personal lockers for students equipped along both sides.

The Innovation Center

The Innovation Center is where Vinsers independently implement projects related to science, engineering, manufacturing, and more. This center aims to develop students' creative abilities and promote STEM education at the school.

The Library

The modern library boasts a rich collection of books from renowned publishers both domestically and internationally. It is a place where students can find and share great books, fostering a culture of reading.

The Soft Play Area

One of the corners at Vinschool Kindergarten that children like the most is the soft play area. There, they can play joyfully and safely as well as sharpen their gross motor and fine motor skills.

The Library

Library is where little Vinsers can immerse themselves into the wonderful world of books. They enjoy reading books, sharing interesting stories and discovering new things with friends.

The Kitchen

The kitchen is equipped with safe and hygienic cooking utensils. In the kitchen, our skilled and well-trained cooks have always been following Food Safety guidelines, bringing not only delicious but also nutritious meals to children’s tables.