What have Vinsers learned through the series of Halloween-themed activities this year?

Monday, 06/11/2023, 09:11 (GMT+7)

The Halloween-themed learning topic has allowed our young Vinsers to gain a wealth of new knowledge. In addition to broadening their understanding of cultures from various regions around the world, these activities have created an environment that nurtures social skills, critical thinking, and various other essential abilities.

Developing Social Skills

Adorned in their favorite costumes, the children enthusiastically participated in the “Trick or Treat” candy quest. This provided an excellent opportunity for them to cultivate communication skills, engage with adults and friends, express gratitude, learn the etiquette of waiting in line, and practice taking turns.

In the lively and festive atmosphere, the youngsters energetically knocked on classroom doors, joyfully shouting “Trick or Treat,” and willingly shared their candy with friends.

The talent stage showcased impressive performances and Halloween costumes, encouraging the children to display their talents in front of an audience, fostering confidence and boldness in highlighting their strengths.

The talent stage came alive with the confident performances of our young Vinsers.

Numerous thrilling games with a strong “Halloween” theme were enthusiastically embraced by the children. Each game presented challenges that required flexibility, dexterity, agility, and team spirit.

The pumpkin harvesting game, in particular, drew the enthusiastic participation of our “little farmers.”

Developing Critical Thinking

In challenges like “Code Deciphering” and “Halloween Treasure Hunt,” Vinsers applied logical thinking to solve intricate tasks, using observational skills and judgment to decipher codes and arrive at final solutions.

Many of these games prompted the children to apply their powers of deduction and logical thinking to find the answers.

Children were encouraged to create their own decorative items, costumes, and Halloween-related toys, fostering creative thinking and the ability to “craft” independently.

The school was adorned with a Halloween atmosphere, featuring a multitude of creative products crafted by the students.

Scientific experiments conducted in the Halloween atmosphere brought great excitement to the children. They observed, practiced, speculated, and uncovered the secrets behind experiments like the “Magic Cup,” “Mysterious Slime,” and the “Enchanted Pumpkin,” igniting the children’s curiosity and passion for exploration.

One by one, the young learners unraveled the scientific mysteries during the experimental process.

Theater performances, movie screenings, and reading stories related to Halloween themes helped the children develop language skills in both Vietnamese and English, creating an environment for natural communication and enhancing their language proficiency.

The stories infused with Halloween vibes were reenacted by the young ones on stage.

The Halloween-themed learning topic has concluded with valuable knowledge, joy, and many memorable experiences for the children. We invite parents to revisit these super exciting moments of their kids!