Safe Touch Policy


1. Policy Statement:

This policy is aimed to give clear guidance to Vinschool teachers and non-teaching staff and to protect the rights of Vinschool students, teachers and non-teaching staff when touching students within the scope of school activities.

  • Teachers and non-teaching staff are not allowed to use touch/have physical contact with students, except for situations specified in this policy.
  • All teachers and non-teaching staff are required to understand Vinschool’s safe touch policy and be able to justify their actions upon request.

2. Using touch/physical contact with students should:

  • Be non-abusive, with no intention to cause pain or injury
  • Be in the best interests of the student
  • Have a clear education purpose
  • Take account of gender issues and opposite sex touch, especially with students in secondary and high school.
  • Only be conducted in public, except for emergencies

3. Situations where touch/physical contact with students may be appropriate:

For teaching

Teachers need to instruct and support students during lessons, such as support in PE classes, instructions on how to use lab facilities, how to play musical instruments, how to hold a pen, etc.

For protection 

  • To protect and support students in danger or in emergencies
  • To prevent students from hurting himself/herself or hurting others
  • To prevent students from damaging school assets and facilities

For mental support

  • To encourage and support students’ emotions, e.g. when they are upset.
  • To praise, e.g. to give a gentle pat on the shoulder. This should only occur in public area and not in private.
  • Safe touch for mental support could include; shaking or holding hands, a high five, to give a gentle pat on the shoulder/back when students need mental support. These safe touches are aimed at encouraging students and helping them to overcome negative feelings such as anger and lack of self-control, and to praise students where necessary.

For medical purposes

  • School medical staff my use touch when taking care of students with signs of illnesses in the school’s health center supervised by camera or on the spot in cases where students experience severe injuries, with the aim to ensure students’ safety.

For personal support

  • To support students with basic personal tasks where necessary such as changing soiled clothing, cleaning hands, personal hygiene, etc. (for primary students)
  • To deal with students’ minor injuries (e.g. remove a splinter from a finger)

For physical support

To assist students with disabilities (students in wheelchairs or walking with crutches, etc.) when moving to classes or participating in school activities.

Participation in school activities

  • When participating in school/class activities or games where physical contact is part of the activity, e.g. holding hands, hands on shoulders, etc.

Welcoming students before/after school

  • School managers, teachers and non-teaching staff, who are assigned to greet students before/after school or at school events, are allowed to use appropriate touch such as a high five to connect with students.


Violations of the policy will be handled in accordance with Vinschool’s rules and regulations.

This policy is for distribution to students and parents for information and to teachers and non-teaching staff for implementation.