Vinschool Metropolis is committed to fostering a compassionate and respectful community where every individual is valued and encouraged to reach their full potential. Through a comprehensive and internationally-minded education, we aim to develop responsible global citizens equipped to make a positive impact on the world.

– Statement of Vinschool Metropolis Primary and Secondary School –

Vinschool Metropolis Kindergarten nurtures creative thinking and 21st-century skills and qualities in our students.

– Statement of Vinschool Metropolis Kindergarten –

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    Ranked second in Ba Dinh District     for the number of awards in the 2024 Olympic cultural subjects competition.


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Outstanding student achievements

with  317

national and international awards

in the 2023-2024 academic year.


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Exceptional achievements of Cambridge program students, with


scoring A and A* in the 2023        IGCSE exams.

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Emphasize proactive learning, potential exploration, creative thinking and building a compassionate and respectful community to positively impact society.





Includes five class levels: Kitty (18-24 months), Nemo (25-36 months), Bambi (3-4 years old), Pooh (4-5 years old), Alvin (5-6 years old) and two programs: Advanced and Cambridge Advanced.


The program for students from Kitty to Pooh is based on the UK Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) framework, ensuring balanced development across seven areas of learning, focusing on critical thinking skills, stimulating curiosity, multidimensional thinking, and creativity.


The Personal, Social, and Emotional Development area is expanded based on the CASEL competency framework, equipping children with life skills, emotional awareness and management, appropriate behavior recognition, respect, cooperation, and care for others.


The English as a Second Language (ESL) program meets the learning outcomes of the Cambridge ESL Stage 1, helping children develop language skills naturally, building a solid foundation in phonics, and enhancing pre-reading and writing skills from an early age.


Alvin students begin the primary education program under the Cambridge International Curriculum with English, Mathematics, and Science subjects localized for the Advanced program or taught directly in English by international teachers for the Cambridge program.



Includes the Standard and Advanced programs for students from Grade 1 to Grade 5, with a comprehensive curriculum and advanced educational approach, helping students take an active role in their learning, develop creative thinking, and effectively apply knowledge to real-life situations


Students are nurtured to develop a global citizenship mindset, enhancing problem-solving skills and making positive contributions to society.


Emphasizes student voice by providing opportunities for students to express their opinions, participate in school activities, and contribute to building a dynamic, creative, and challenging learning environment.


Achieved 170 awards in prestigious national and international competitions (2023-2024 academic year).


Offers a variety of experiential learning programs, extracurricular activities, and clubs, promoting holistic development and strengthening the connection between family and school.

High school


Focuses on school safety and mental health for students and the Vinschool Metropolis community through school psychological health programs, intervention activities, and psychological support to optimize student development potential.


Includes the Standard and Advanced programs with a comprehensive curriculum for Grades 6 to 10, integrated with the Cambridge International Program, emphasizing the development of critical thinking, competencies, and global citizenship skills through a variety of experiential, practical, and real-world application learning activities.


The Cambridge program is taught in English by 100% foreign teachers with teaching credentials and international teaching experience, comprising over 70% of total classroom learning time.


Outstanding student achievements in the Cambridge system, with 86% of students achieving A and A* grades in the 2023 IGCSE exams.


Achieved 177 awards in citywide, national, and international competitions for secondary school students (2023-2024 academic year).


METROPOLIS Vinser's Voice

Student Dang Thanh Huong – Class 9A3

Vinschool Metropolis is the school that nurtures children into "life-long learners"
Vinschool Metropolis is my childhood's second home, where I learn, make mistakes, correct them and grow into global citizens who not only have knowledge, but also have skills, responsibility, and empathy, compassion, having goals and always trying to learn and overcome challenges.

Student Tran Tu Anh – Class 2A3

My child was delighted to participate in the "I am a Little Artisan" class, which made us appreciate the simple yet familiar beauties of our Vietnam.
My child was delighted to participate in the "I am a Little Artisan" class, where they could directly feel the softness of the glutinous rice dough, observe closely, and practice molding the playful and cute toy figurines. This experience helped reinforce and deepen their understanding of the knowledge they had already learned about toy figurines, while also expressing their creativity with colorful products. This was truly a meaningful activity for my child through their study of Vietnamese culture. It was not just an experiential activity but also a quintessence of folk wisdom, which made them appreciate the simple yet familiar beauties of our Vietnam.

Student Le Ngoc Linh – Class 5B2

We have together created meaningful moments by participating in a book donation activity for underprivileged students.
During the warm transition of the Christmas season, we have together created meaningful moments by participating in a book donation activity for underprivileged students. This was an opportunity for us to share joy and knowledge, expanding the horizons of the young students at Ba Khan Primary School, Hoa Binh. Each book is not just a gift, but also a bridge leading them to a world of knowledge, dreams, and hope. With this small contribution, we have helped make the holiday season more meaningful and joyful, bringing happiness to many children during Christmas.

Student Thai Minh An – Class 4A1

Creativity for community service
Learning to serve the community and creating to make it better, that is the message and also the goal of the "My Calendar Style" project that we participated in. Along with my child's product, the project attracted 300 entries. My child was fortunate to be one of the 24 authors whose work won an award. The winning entries were auctioned to raise funds for the community, aimed at purchasing educational tools and toys for students in disadvantaged areas. The auction was held on the afternoon of January 31st, with 100% of the pieces auctioned off, raising a total of 49,100,000 VND. The organizers will retain 50% of the revenue from each piece auctioned and return it to the authors, with the hope that the children will actively assist those in need around them during the Tet holiday.



The Vinschool Art Gallery event – “The giant book about us”

After the first week of school, the little Vinsers of Vinschool Metropolis Kindergarten have become familiar with the school routine and are ready to enter the first leg of their summer journey: “Self-discovery”. The highlight of this journey is the Vinschool Art Gallery event: a unique art exhibition with works made from our children’s own […]

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“Thành Tây” Blazes On The Final Day Of Summer Camp Journey 1

Aiming to foster connections and interactions among various school clusters to provide Vinser students participating in the summer journey with numerous experiences and fond memories of this season, the western school clusters were bustling with activities on the final days of summer camp journey 1 for swimming, basketball, and soccer from June 27-28. Vinschool Metropolis […]

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Vinschool Metropolis Summer Camp 2024: Conclusion Of The Journey Of An Art Summer Camp

The journey 1 – The brilliant beginning of the Art Summer Camp has come to a conclusion, and students must have had memorable and enriching experiences here with many creative and interesting activities. Under the guidance of Mr. Trương Triều Dương, over 3 weeks of study, students participated in creative activities in useful lessons, divided […]

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Vinser Metropolis Kindergarten Is Excited For The First Day Of School – Ready To Conquer A Summer Adventure At Vinschool

The stimulating summer holidays have passed quickly, the little Vinsers of Vinschool Metropolis kindergarten are ready to come back to school and conquer intriguing adventures in the upcoming summer! The joyful, bustling music space with the acoustic band brought unforgettable impressions to the children on the first morning of the new school year. There are […]

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The Grade 9 Graduation Ceremony – Goodbye Teachers, Friends, Farewell Metropolis, Farewell Batch 2020 – 2024

“May 31 has arrived, yet right at this moment, I and my fellow students wish time would slow down so we could stay together longer, wanting to do things just like any other day in these nearly 300 days we’ve shared.” – Đặng Thanh Hương. So after 300 days at school, we bid farewell to […]

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Facilities and Infrastructure


Vinschool Metropolis Kindergarten is located in the Vinhomes Metropolis urban area, Lieu Giai, Ba Dinh, Hanoi.

The campus

Modern architecture along with an optimized infrastructure system, designed and arranged suitably for students' learning activities.

The play area

The indoor play area is one of the students' favorite spaces, where they can play and develop both gross and fine motor skills.

The Kindergarten classrooms

The classrooms are equipped with modern educational tools that stimulate creativity and a love for learning among the children.

The Primary and Secondary classrooms

The classrooms are equipped with modern facilities. At the end of each classroom, there is a large bulletin board that serves a variety of students' learning purposes.

The Information Technology room

The Information Technology room is fully equipped with all necessary facilities, fully meeting the ICT learning needs of students at the school.

The laboratory

Vinsers can practice experimental activities and explore science in the laboratory, which is fully equipped with all necessary tools and equipment.

The library

The modern library boasts a rich collection of books from renowned publishers both domestic and international. It is a place where students can find, read, and share interesting books, promote a reading culture, and engage in group work and discussions in an open space.

The restroom

Each floor has a restroom designed to be suitable for children's height.