Vinsers Confidently Showcase Outstanding Athletic Skills at the “Vivokids Challenge” Playground

Thursday, 30/05/2024, 18:05 (GMT+7)

The VivoKids program, after a year of implementation at Vinschool Kindergarten, has quickly become a favorite among the children. The kids eagerly look forward to their VivoKids classes, where they not only have fun but also learn basic and advanced motor skills through creative games and age-appropriate activities.

Vinsers have engaged in and practiced six combined sports, including football, basketball, tennis, floorball, rugby, and baseball. The program is meticulously designed to align with the goal of developing motor skills appropriate for each age group.

Under the dedicated and professional coaching, the children not only master basic skills but also develop physical strength, flexibility, and reflexes. Each class is an opportunity for the kids to play, make friends, and learn from one another. From their first steps to accurate kicks, the children’s significant progress has brought joy and pride to both parents and teachers.

The VivoKids sports program not only helps children stay healthy and active but also ignites their passion and love for physical activities, laying a solid foundation for their overall development in the future. Parent Đức Huy shared, “Previously, my child was very lazy about exercising, but after learning sports like football and basketball in the VivoKids program, he has become more energetic and active. Every day he comes home from school happy and full of energy.”

At the “VivoKids Challenge” playground, the young Vinsers confidently showcased their outstanding athletic skills after a year of participating in the VivoKids program.