Little Vinsers’ radiant smiles on first day at new Vinschool campus

Tuesday, 05/09/2023, 22:09 (GMT+7)

On August 21, the second Vinschool Grand Park Kindergarten campus in Ho Chi Minh City went into operation. On the first day of class at the new school, more than 400 young Vinsers experienced a day filled with joy and laughter.

The second campus of Vinschool Grand Park Kindergarten is located on the campus of Vinhomes Grand Park (District 9, HCMC)
STEM rooms are filled with natural light. Here, children will conduct scientific experiments and apply the acquired knowledge and skills to solve fun tasks in different corners.
The school has two libraries that are decorated and arranged to be very friendly with the children. At each library, there are hundreds of different books, selected according to learning topics including English books and Vietnamese books suitable for each age group from Preschool to Kindergarten.
The indoor playground complex is optimally designed for preschoolers, ensuring safety and encouraging movement, while being unaffected by outside weather conditions.
On the first day of school, the students were welcomed with magic shows and the appearance of the Monkey King Sun Wukong with miraculous transformations, bringing refreshing laughter to the children.
Ms. Pink Rabbit also brings many “miracles” in each class, helping students quickly immerse themselves in collective activities.
Students are interested in participating in activities that help them be creative, such as assembling model designs with Lego and magnets.
Games of continuous movement, exploring the animal world, rescuing animals by performing motor skills to overcome obstacles, and saving animals trapped in a net encourage the children to get to know one another when participating in team activities
The school lunch is extremely delicious and filled with students’ favorite, nutritious food

Parents of Huynh Nhu from Alvin class shared: “Our family decided to send the children to Vinschool Grand Park Kindergarten at this new campus because the parents who sent their children to the previous facility had very positive feedback about their children’s progress and growth as well as the school’s educational programme. After searching, we believe that Vinschool is a great fit for our kids.”

With the curriculum built to focus on developing the competencies and qualities of global citizens, Vinsers at Grand Park will be involved in a variety of experiential activities and learning projects, helping to develop their intellectual, thinking and social-emotional capacities, and equipping them with a solid start in their early years.