The Council of International Schools (CIS) is the world’s leading international education accreditation organization, with a list of rigorous criteria and standards for evaluating a world-class school. CIS is itself accredited by the International Council Advancing Independent School Accreditation (ICAISA), an overarching professional association which “accredits the accreditors”. CIS community includes more than 1,490 schools and universities, representing 120 countries around the world.

  • Enjoy worldwide verified high-quality international education focused on the development of knowledge, skills and attributes necessary to prepare students as global citizens.
  • Be sought after by top universities due to the rigor of international education and preparation for life.

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The vinschool’s journey to achieve cis accreditation

Requires at least 2 years of operations
Basic Preparation
Followed by 3-6 months preparation until next stage
Interview conducted by CIS to observe lessons, evaluate evidence in relation to framework
Followed by 12 - 18 months preparation for next stage
Vinschool Smart City
preparatory evaluation
Evaluation by CIS and evaluators from CIS-accredited schools
18 - 24 months self-study for next stage
Vinschool Metropolis
Vinschool Golden River
Vinschool Ocean Park
team evaluation / accreditation
Evaluation by CIS teams
Accreditation granted for 5 years, followed by re-accreditation
Vinschool Times City
Vinschool The Harmony
Vinschool Central Park
Vinschool Greenbay
Vinschool Thang Long
Vinschool Gardenia
Vinschool Imperia Hai Phong
Re-accreditation every 5 years

Vinschool’s unwavering commitment centers on offering students the highest international standard learning experiences, and nurturing a new Vietnamese generation with a global citizen mindset, lifelong learning skills, and a profound aspiration to shape the future. In line with this vision, the Vinschool Education System has implemented profound and comprehensive reforms in all domains based on the CIS international accreditation framework since 2018.

Our commitment shines through as all Vinschool campuses are being operated according to the rigorous standards of CIS. Currently, 07 Vinschools are fully accredited by CIS, the 03 of which are the biggest schools in the system. This fact is a testament to our relentless pursuit of educational excellence. A number of other Vinschools are on this self-improvement journey to become CIS-accredited schools.

cis member
started to reform following CIS framework
icon 45
rigorous standards
cis accrecdited
schools are fully accredited by CIS
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“When I think about Vinschool, I think of a high quality education system. That indeed should be a model for all similar schools and some of the school systems throughout Vietnam.”

– Mr Stuart McLay – Former Director of International Accreditation Services of CIS