Kindergarten Program


The first five years of a child’s life is a critical period of their thinking and social and emotional development, since their brain is flexible and adaptive at this time. 

Scientific, psychological, and educational research on brain development shows that the brain is fully developed when neural networks are connected and harmonized in both brain hemispheres that control thinking and emotional and social development. 

Vinschool Kindergarten prioritizes creating a harmonious educational environment to develop children’s intelligence, thinking, and emotional and social capacities, equipping them with a solid start in the early years.

Comprehensive and harmonious development oriented curriculum 

Vinschool Kindergarten’s capacity-based curriculum is aimed at promoting children’s comprehensive and harmonious development of physical and mental health, character traits, and social relationships.

The curriculum is designed based on the UK’s Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) framework, ensuring balanced development for children with 7 areas of learning, specifically Communication & Language, Physical Development, Literacy, Mathematics, Understanding the World, Expressive Arts & Design, and Personal, Social & Emotional Development. The framework also attaches significance to developing thinking capacity, stimulating children’s curiosity, multi-dimensional thinking and creativity.

EYFS framework with 7 areas of learning

The area of Personal, Social and Emotional Development is expanded based on the Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL) competency framework, a leading organization in the social and emotional learning (SEL) movement. It helps equip children with life skills and abilities to perceive and manage emotions, identify appropriate behaviors, respect, cooperate with and care for everyone around them, etc. 

The English as a Second Language (ESL) program, based on the Cambridge Global English Stage 1 Program, helps develop children’s foreign language abilities naturally, build a solid foundation of phonics, and develop pre-reading and writing skills at the preschool age.

The Preschool Education Program, closely connected with the general education program, helps prepare children for Grade 1. Specifically, in Alvin class (5 years old), children start to enter the general education program of the Cambridge International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) with English, Mathematics and Science subjects tailored for Vietnamese students (for both Standard and Advanced programs); or directly taught in English by international teachers (Cambridge program).

Experiential learning and child-centered assessments

  • Play-based learning: Play is key to children’s development. Learning activities are organized in the form of fun play and experiences to attract and excite children, giving them the opportunity to explore and experience the world around them.
  • Competency-based learning: The learning and assessment programs are designed based on competency standards to equip children with the capacities necessary for the 21st century. 
  • Personalized learning: Activities are designed based on children’s interests and learning needs, ensuring their developmental progress and optimizing their abilities as individuals.
  • Enabling environment: Children possess endless curiosity and desire to explore. Therefore, Vinschool’s learning environment is always designed to arouse their curiosity and fondness for exploration and nurture their creativity.
  • Active learning: Children actively participate in the learning process. Children are encouraged to freely explore objects and phenomena with their senses, and confidently express their thoughts. Learning activities are always formed naturally but purposefully.

Facilities and operation of international standards

All Vinschool Kindergartens are operated according to the Council of International Schools (CIS)’s standards, especially those related to school safety and security, child protection, and child education and care.

100% of Vietnamese and foreign teachers at Vinschool highly value professional ethics. They are carefully selected and meet CIS’s strict recruitment requirements. They are also well trained and continually trained for professional development every year. 

All the classrooms are well-equipped with modern facilities.  

  • The learning stations are divided by learning areas: School supplies are arranged in a close and environmentally friendly way, giving children a sense of comfort, thereby stimulating their curiosity and creativity. 

A well-equipped classroom at Vinschool Kindergarten

  • Diverse function rooms: The Multipurpose Room, Art Room, Library are places for students to unleash their imagination and creativity and participate in experiential and discovery activities.
  • Specially designed indoor and outdoor play areas are students’ favorite spaces, where they engage in play, practice gross and fine motor skills, and nurture physical development at the same time.

The soft-play area, where children play and have fun with their peers 

The outdoor playground – where outdoor activities and school events take place

  • The menu is planned in consultation with nutritionists at Vinmec Hospital. The kitchen operation process is strictly supervised to provide safe and nutritious meals with many good substances for brain development such as DHA, ARA, etc. 
  • 100% of the school campuses employ medical staff and provide students with annual check-ups by specialists from Vinmec Hospital.

Diverse options of academic programs 

Based on a single curriculum and international operating standards, the preschool programs at Vinschool differ only in the numbers of students and English periods for each class, enabling parents to make more suitable choices. 

Standard program: 

ESL class: 5 periods/week; 30 students/class.

Advanced program:

ESL class: 20 periods/week; 25 students/class.

Cambridge program (for 5-year-old students): exclusively for students who choose the Cambridge program at primary school. Within the program, Mathematics, Science, and ESL are taught by international primary teachers.

Comparison of 3 preschool programs at Vinschool in terms of numbers of students and ESL periods per class

In addition, the preschool curriculum at Vinschool focuses on developing global citizenship capabilities and through experiential activities and learning projects, thereby preparing children for the future since preschool age.

Parents who wish to learn more about the curriculum, facilities and tuition fees at Vinschool Kindergarten, please register for further consultation HERE.

5 outstanding benefits of Vinschool’s preschool program 

The preschool curriculum is capacity-based and closely linked with the general education program, preparing children for Grade 1.

Diverse learning activities, personal projects and experiences in- and outside the classroom

The ESL program is based on the Cambridge Stage 1 program

Teachers and Board of Management officials are well-trained according to international teacher and principal standards

Operation according to CIS standards