Chương trình Khoa học tại Vinschool giúp học sinh hình thành tư duy khoa học và nâng cao hiểu biết về thế giới xung quanh

Vinschool Imperia Primary, Secondary &High School provides a comprehensive educational program that promotes the competency of each student and encourages their creativity; developing life-long skills, a proactive attitude to learning and a global mindset to help the student successfully integrate and live a happy life.

Statement of Vinschool Imperia Primary, Secondary and High School –

Vinschool Imperia Kindergarten offers an educational program which is designed according to a competency-based education orientation. It helps children develop comprehensively between physical, intellectual, social relationships and qualities.

Statement of Vinschool Imperia Kindergarten

High-quality learning at Vinschool Imperia Primary, Secondary & High School occurs when qualified and committed teachers provide student-centered learning to maximize educational opportunities and help students apply a broad range of skills to solve practical problems

Statement of High-quality learning at Vinschool Imperia Primary, Secondary and High School –

Vinschool Imperia Primary, Secondary and High School aims to promote national identity, while developing an understanding and respect for other cultures and differences. Students adopt a multicultural perspective and a sense of community responsibility, joining hands together to build a better sustainable world

Statement of Global citizenship definition at Vinschool Imperia Primary, Secondary and High School –

At Vinschool Imperia, digital citizens are able to use technology to connect to the world, flexibly and effectively apply the skills in their daily lives. They comply with the regulations and are ethically responsible for their activities on all digital platforms, and can protect themselves from online harm

Statement of Digital citizenship definition at Vinschool Imperia Primary, Secondary and High School –

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The largest non-public comprehensive school in Hai Phong, spanning from kindergarten to high school, with over



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The first schools in Hai Phong to achieve Cambridge accreditation and be a member of the Council of International Schools (CIS)

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Outstanding student achievements with


awards at both national and international levels in the academic year 2022-2023.

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Active and creative learning is consistently nurtured and emphasized in all educational activities of the school.





Consists of 5 levels: Kitty, Nemo, Bambi, Pooh, Alvin, with 3 options of academic programs: Standard – Advanced – Cambridge.


The educational program is designed based on competency-based education, helping children develop comprehensively in harmony between physical, intellectual, spiritual, character, and social relationships.


The program for students from Kitty to Pooh is designed based on the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) framework, ensuring balanced development for children with 7 learning areas, emphasizing the development of cognitive abilities, stimulating curiosity, multi-dimensional thinking, and creativity for children.


Alvin level students start the Primary Program according to the Cambridge International Program with 3 subjects which are English, Math, and Science (for Standard and Advanced program); or taught directly in English by international teachers (for Cambridge program).



Rapid growth (from 300 students and 11 classes to 1285 students and 46 fully operating classes within just 5 years).


Includes both Standard and Advanced Program with a comprehensive education curriculum. Students are always provided with opportunities to demonstrate their ability to apply, innovate, and enhance their individual capacities; flexible problem-solving skills with a multi-dimensional perspective and astute critical thinking.


Diverse extracurricular programs outside the classroom, helping students develop comprehensively and fostering the bond between the School and the Family.


386 awards at city, national, and international competitions for primary students (Academic Year 2022-2023).

High school


Includes Standard and Advanced Programs with comprehensive education curriculum from Grade 6 to Grade 10, career-oriented education program at Grade 11 and Grade 12.


The Standard program integrates curriculum from the Ministry of Education and Training and the Cambridge program. The Advanced program follows the international Cambridge standard, taught along a continuous pathway from Primary to A-Level.


Alongside selecting career-oriented subjects, students can opt for AP and SAT subjects to enhance opportunities for admission to prestigious universities worldwide.


87.5% of students taking AP exams achieve a score of 3/5 or higher.


Outstanding university admission rate with 100% of students admitted to universities, including 94% admitted to their first-choice university; 76% of students admitted to university before completing high school.


733 awards at city, national, and international competitions for high school students (Academic year 2022-2023).


Imperia Vinser's Voice

Nguyen Tien Thanh – 10A4

Vinschool Imperia: Nurturing excellence
Vinschool Imperia is my second home! Here, we experience many "firsts", such as participating in special and meaningful extracurricular activities such as Happiness Day, Anti-bullying, Halloween, Stem Fair,…. Additionally, academic playgrounds like Robot Mission help us unleash our creativity, be proactive, and have many moments of immersive scientific exploration. Especially, together with our peers, we engage in "border-crossing" lessons like Penpal, where we showcase our national identity, understand and learn about the distinctive cultures of countries worldwide, as well as make friends from different nationalities. This journey helps me to develop into global citizens.

Pham Quynh Anh – 4A1

My Beloved School
My beloved school is VINSCHOOL IMPERIA. It's where students are encouraged to be creative and take charge of their lifelong learning journey. Here, students are given top priority. We have teachers who are always dedicated to students. We always feel the love from our teachers. The school organizes many memorable experiential sessions. In the six years I've studied at Vinschool Imperia, from 2018 to 2024, I have always felt proud and grateful. I want to express my gratitude to the security guards who stay up late and wake up early to protect Vinschool Imperia! Thank you to the janitors for always keeping our classrooms clean! Thank you to the teachers for always teaching and guiding us to become proactive and creative Vinser! Thank you to the school management for creating such an amazing school! Thank you, my beloved Vinschool Imperia!

Tran Nhu Nhat Minh – 4A6

I am very happy to be able to fly the Vinschool flag as well as the Vietnamese flag throughout the World Mathematics arenas.
My name is Tran Nhu Nhat Minh - Vinser class 4A6 Vinschool Imperia elementary school. Below is my child's 4-year journey with Vinschool elementary school. On the first day of first grade, my mother told me, "You ranked first in that class." I asked my mom:“What do you like most, mother?”. My mom told me: "You naughtily ranked first in the class". That's a story from the past, but I'm different now. I am proud to tell everyone that I am a student at Vinschool Imperia. In the past 3 school years, I achieved the title of excellent student and I have won the title of "Vinschool Elite" in 2nd grade and "Math Elite" in 3rd grade. I love conquering the Math International Olympiad prizes. I am very happy to be able to fly the Vinschool flag as well as the Vietnamese flag throughout the World Mathematics arenas. I will try my best to study and practice to set an example for my younger siblings to follow because I shoulder the mission of "the eldest brother in the family tree" of my family.

Phuc Linh – 9A3

I feel incredibly proud and fortunate to study in such a modern, civilized, and fair educational environment.
As a student at Vinschool, I feel proud and lucky to be studying in a modern and civilized education environment. Vinschool is not only a place for me to gain knowledge, but also my second home, where I am able to develop freely into who I want to be, and retain all of my memories during my teenage years.

Nguyen Thi My Phuong – 7A1

The second home Vinschool Imperia, which helps me explore my passion
In Vinschool Imperia, we can reveal our interests, passions. Thanks to my teachers’ great guidance, I can explore my passion - mathematics. I feel so lucky because I have a chance to learn International standard mathematics. The curriculum at Vinschool integrates real-life situations into math problems, which helps us practice calculation skills and apply them to daily life. Teachers are not only friends who always accompany me, but also "inspirational" people who are ready to help when I have difficulty with new lessons. I’m really thankful to all teachers in Vinschool Imperia.



“Eco kids planet” – A place to sow the seeds of love with nature

Continuing the series of creative summer exploration journeys, the recent “Eco kids planet” event left a deep impression and many memorable memories for all Vinsers children and parents. parent participates. The event took place with rich and creative activities to raise awareness about environmental protection. “A book of a day”: Little Vinser brought attractive “Environmental […]

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Discover yourself – Each child is a miracle

“Discover Yourself – Each Child Is A Miracle” is a special event for Vinsers at Vinschool Imperia Hai Phong Kindergarten. This is an opportunity for children to discover themselves, recognize their individual characteristics through a variety of artistic activities and scientific discoveries. Project “My fingerprint”: The children were extremely excited when they discovered amazing things […]

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Explosively and creatively start a new summer adventure 2024

Vinsers in  Imperia Kindergarten had an extremely joyful and exciting day while participating in the kickoff summer with “discovery and creativity” A joyful atmosphere pervades everywhere with colorful balloons and beautiful check-in corners for children and families to capture wonderful moments. Also, our little Vinsers participated in many fun minigames, exciting performances, impressive puppet shows, […]

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The closing ceremony of the academic year 2023-2024 at Vinschool Imperia Kindergarten with enjoyment

As a beautiful journey for the 2023 – 2024 school year, Vinschool Imperia Kindergarten solemnly held the School Year Closing Ceremony and awarded graduation certificates to Alvin students on May 28 and May 29. The ceremony took place in an extremely warm atmosphere, filled with joy from Vinsers, teachers, and parents. The program opened with […]

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Imperia Vinsers: Confidently show their talents in the closing ceremony of extracurricular classes

The Bravery and confidence showed on the stage; fierce and strong in combat matches and martial arts; passion and skills when creating “painting works”with full enthusiasm; or confidently overcoming challenges in Mathematics, and English communication…, are outstanding images of our Vinsers in the Extracurricular Club Closing Ceremony of Vinschool Imperia Kindergarten. Dance Club: Each performance […]

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Facilities and Infrastructure


The library, boasting thousands of books across various fields, provides a diverse range of resources and an ideal space for research and study.

ICT room

The Information Technology room, equipped with smart boards and individual computers, ensures that each student has access to their own learning device.


The laboratory space is outfitted with essential equipment, including cabinets, fume hoods, thermostatic tanks, drying cabinets, wave generators, measuring instruments, and tools for scientific experiments.

Medical room

The medical room is fully equipped with medical supplies and attended by professional medical staff to ensure the health and safety of students and staff.

Dining Room

Featuring a spacious dining area, the kitchen operates with a one-way process to ensure efficiency and hygiene.

Swimming Pool

The four-season swimming pool, with its modern facilities and air conditioning system, operates throughout the school year.

Multi-Purpose Room

A flexible, multi-functional space used for events, physical activities, and after-school clubs.

Music Room

Specialized classrooms fully equipped with musical instruments support students in practicing and developing their personal musical interests.

Football field

A football field with artificial grass is a healthy playground that helps students develop their strengths and talents through learning activities and sports tournaments inside and outside of school.

Art Room

Vinsers develop their painting skills in a creative space in the Art room

Maker Space Room

The Maker Space room is designed according to the model of developed countries in the world, this is a place that promises to promote the creativity and invention of students.


The play area is over 100m2 wide with many movement toys for physical development. The soft-play is maintained periodically, ensuring children's safety during the playing process.

The outdoor playing area

The outdoor playing area with complete toy sets helps children maximize their need for play and physical exercise, increasing students’ playing opportunities