Grand opening of Vinschool Smart City Kindergarten

On September 07th 2020, the newest kindergarten within Vinschool Education System called Vinschool Smart City officially entered operation. Located in the ecological Vinhomes Smart City complex, the school impresses parents with its airy space and green outdoor play area.

As the newest kindergarten within the Vinschool network, Vinschool Smart City meets students’ learning and recreation needs with its 23 classrooms as well as specialized rooms equipped with modern facilities, including the library, STEAM studio, sports complex, and soft play area.

This large, airy and beautifully decorated library offers a wide variety of books. Vinsers can pick up their favourites and sit anywhere they want.
The STEAM studio is equipped with modern learning supplies. Vinsers were excited to discover it for the very first time.
The soft play area, located in the main hall, greatly benefits Vinsers’ motor skills. Vinsers can take part in motor activities during class time as designed by their teachers or enjoy free play while waiting to be picked up.
All classrooms are well-ventilated and designed to take full advantage of natural light. There are separate corners for Math, Science, Arts, etc.

The circus and magic performances held in each class really excited the little students and made school a more comfortable place for them. Teachers also organized many lively activities to help everyone get to know each other better and guided the students through some basic classroom rules. Vinsers then had a buffet lunch with many dishes that they could hardly resist. It was the teachers’ love and care that helped them adapt quickly to the new environment.

The little students were excited about the circus and magic performances.
Ms. Tong Thi Tuyet, Vice Principal of Vinschool Smart City Kindergarten, shared: “The little students’ pureness and innocence gave us so much more energy. I believe they will have wonderful experiences here since our teachers are all very experienced and devoted”.
A Vinser looking for himself on his class photo board.

After taking their children to school, many parents stayed for a while to extend their wishes. Bui Hoang Hiep – a Vinser’s father, said: “Classrooms, specialized rooms, the Nurse’s office and the play area are all equipped with modern facilities. Vinschool has what it takes to earn parents’ trust and to help our children develop their potential naturally. The teachers and school staff are very gentle and considerate. My daughter cried a little bit but after 10 minutes she started to play with her new friends, thanks to her loving teacher. I am also satisfied with how the school keeps everyone safe from COVID-19. Hand sanitizer was available for use, and we had our body temperature checked after passing through the school gate. Those who left their mouth and nose uncovered were asked to put on the face mask. Let me express my sincere thanks to Vinschool. Wish all teachers and school staff good health for the entire school year ahead. Wish Vinsers happiness and unforgettable memories”.

Congratulations go to all teachers and staff members at Vinschool Smart City Kindergarten! Wish them a successful school year ahead and a burning passion for building Vinschool Smart City into Vinsers’ second trusted home.