From Classroom to Cosmos: How Vinschool’s A-Level Physics Program from Cambridge Propels Students towards STEM Degrees

Friday, 15/03/2024, 12:03 (GMT+7)

When students step into the fascinating world of A-Level Physics, they explore how this innovative curriculum is propelling them towards STEM futures.

As the A-Level program at Vinschool grows, we are sending more students from the classroom to the cosmos. With almost 50% of students achieving A*-A grades in Grade 12, we are providing a foundation for students to apply to the world’s best universities and colleges.

The results since 2020 have beaten the global Cambridge average score by upwards of 10% across Grade 11 and Grade 12 exam results, with our recent alumni students applying and being accepted into the University of Cambridge, Georgia Institute of Technology and Vanderbilt University to study the sciences.

Vinschool’s A-Level Physics program is designed to ignite curiosity, develop critical thinking skills, and equip students with the knowledge and tools necessary to excel in all the sciences. With a focus on practical applications and real-world problem-solving, this program nurtures students’ passion for physics while providing them with a solid foundation for future academic and professional success.

In the Classroom

Through interactive experimentation and engaging classroom instruction, Physics immerses students in the wonders of the universe. From beginning to unravel the mysteries of quantum mechanics to exploring the laws of motion, students gain a deep understanding of the fundamental principles that govern our physical world.

The learning experience of our students is varied, rigorous, and requires a high level of focus to master topics such as nuclear physics, biomedical applications, and the physics of engineering. Using our teachers’ curated resources and teaching expertise, students at Vinschool are set up for success in the classroom.

Our students regularly compete in local and international competitions, with every success celebrated across the Vinschool system and each competition an opportunity to develop and grow as lifelong learners.

In the Laboratory

Our laboratories are the backdrop to many learning experiences and in this setting our students will learn the key concepts of Physics that includes:

  •       Models of physical systems

Physics is the science that seeks to understand the behaviour of the Universe. The development of models of physical systems is central to physics. Models simplify, explain, and predict how physical systems behave and we use these extensively in the classroom and labs.

  •       Testing predictions against evidence

Physical models are usually based on prior observations, and their predictions are tested to check that they are consistent with the behaviour of the real world. 

  •       Matter, energy, and waves

Everything in the Universe comprises matter and/or energy. Waves are a key mechanism for the transfer of energy and are essential to many modern applications of physics. Students will see this in real-time using our array of oscilloscopes and wave machines.

  •       Forces and fields

The way that matter and energy interact is through forces and fields. The behaviour of the Universe is governed by fundamental forces with different magnitudes that interact over different distances. We explore this domain of Physics theoretically and in the laboratory using a variety of sensors. In our advanced laboratories, students are immersed in Physics through technology and inquiry-based experiments that exceed Cambridge standards. This hands-on experience is vital, allowing learners to explore complex concepts, from quantum theory to astrophysics, provide a solid foundation for progressing to university laboratories. 

Our labs are not just classrooms; they’re innovation hubs where future scientists and engineers begin their journey, equipped with the tools to solve the challenges of tomorrow. It’s here that Vinschool students transform theoretical knowledge into practical expertise, setting the stage for groundbreaking discoveries and prestigious academic pursuits.

Assessments & Exams

At the school level, students can expect to take a range of formative assessments each semester, which are used to track their progress and allow the school to provide individualized support based on student needs. At the end of Grade 11, there will be three papers, and another two in Grade 12; these summative exams will determine their A-level grade.

Our teachers are available between lessons and after school, when they are free, to work with our students in preparation for their internal assessments and official exams. In the A-level years, we hold our students to a higher degree of autonomy and accountability in their learning, allowing them to personalise their education in collaboration with our staff.

Where Physics could take you

Could it lead you to a game studio to design the next Minecraft? Or to the Hydro-Meteorological Office to create computer models for predicting climate change? Perhaps into education, inspiring the next generation, or to a hospital, using physics to save lives? The transferable skills gained from A-level Physics are highly desired across many industries.

Thousands of exciting, rewarding physics-related careers are available. In Vietnam, the proportion of students pursuing STEM courses at university or college has risen to 46%, both domestically and abroad. This course aims to include you in the growing cohort of highly educated STEM graduates from Vietnam, preparing you for future scientific endeavors.

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