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Cambridge Global Perspectives: Readiness for Unpredictable Future

The world is changing by the day. Rapid development in the age of Industry 4.0 and Artificial Intelligence (AI) gives rise to a series of opportunities and also a host of challenges resulting from increased competition among individuals and organizations. In this context, students – and future citizens...
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“Google for Education” pilot program at Vinschool pays off

A ceremony has been held recently in Ho Chi Minh City to wrap up the pilot program of “Google for Education”, which aims to create a premise for Vinschool to continue to increase the application of technology in education (EdTech) to enhance the quality of teaching and learning...
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Prize winners of EDURUN 2022

Officially kicked off on April 12 and wrapped up on May 8, 2022 with EDURUN DAY, EDURUN 2022 left an indelible imprint on the participants as a practical and meaningful charitable activity. Vinschool will continue looking for suitable locations to build schools and classrooms for poor children in...
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