Vinschool Robotics Open, 2023 Finals: a STEM playground for passionate STEM students nationwide

Friday, 01/12/2023, 18:12 (GMT+7)

After a month since starting the Vinschool Robotics Open 2023 competition, organised by Vinschool Ocean Park High School (OCP), has successfully concluded with the participation of the top 51 teams from elementary and high schools nationwide, at the Finals.

The competition provided students with the opportunity to satisfy their passion for STEM, bring their ideas to life through robotics, and develop programming skills while applying technological knowledge to solve real-life problems.

With the theme Summer Sport, the finals consisted of 8 tasks: soccer-playing robot, shooting robot, bicycle racing robot, 100m sprint robot, sword-fighting robot, weightlifting robot, pole-vaulting robot, and mountain-climbing robot. Relying on blocks of code, which the students programmed into their robots, the robots autonomously navigated using sensors, and executed tasks based on various strategies coded into them. Through two rounds of competition, the 51 teams demonstrated teamwork, logical thinking, and admirable programming skills as they overcame challenges presented by the organising committee.

The Overall First Prize for the Elementary School category was awarded to team R1-02 from Việt Mỹ, Cần Thơ. The First Prize for the High School category, honoured team R2-06 from Vinschool Ocean Park High School. The First and Second Prize-winning teams will participate in the ENJOY AI & World Robot Contest Festival International Finals held in Zhejiang, China in December 2023.

Vinschool Robotics Open 2023 is not just a competition but also a significant playground for students to explore and develop their potential in the field of robotics and technology. The event is a highlight in a series of activities held throughout the school year, at Vinschool Ocean Park High School, to nurture and cultivate STEM passion and scientific research for OCP students in particular, and students nationwide in general.