Breakthrough With Smart Electric Current Sensor Device: Techvolt Team Wins Z Pitch 2023

Tuesday, 09/01/2024, 08:01 (GMT+7)

In late December, the top 6 outstanding teams of the Z PITCH 2023 Startup competition engaged in an impressive competition, showcasing groundbreaking technology and artificial intelligence business ideas. They demonstrated their presentation skills entirely in English during the finals held at the Vinschool The Harmony Elementary School Auditorium.

After six pitches featuring unique and practical artificial intelligence startup projects, victory went to the TechVolt team from Vinschool Times City High School with their innovative idea for a smart electric current sensor device named “TV1.” With the slogan “Stay connected, stay in control,” the TechVolt team aims to contribute to a more convenient life for households, envisioning “TV1” as a potential smart device in every residential apartment.

“Thanks to participating in Z Pitch, we had the opportunity to learn a lot through training workshops, meetings, and learning from experienced experts in the business and technology fields such as Mr. Marc Kramer, Mr. Tony Duc AI, and more. Additionally, we also improved our practical experience and gained a deeper understanding of the importance of balancing resources to develop a good product alongside building an effective business strategy,” shared Nguyen Thanh Hai, a representative of the TechVolt team and the competition winner.

Congratulations to all participating teams for successfully completing their competition performances and confidently stepping out of their comfort zones.


Z PITCH is a new startup playground designed for middle and high school students, led and organized by Vinsers themselves. In Z PITCH, teams not only have the opportunity to unleash their creativity with unique startup ideas but also develop business skills and knowledge through workshops with experts in the field. They can also access and learn from the experiences of leading startup businesses. Z PITCH 2023 was launched in August 2023 with the theme “Artificial Intelligence,” a globally “hot” topic, posing significant challenges for teams in the process of product development.