Big win at the 2024 national Vex Robotics championship – Vinsers excellently win a place to represent vietnam in the world finals in the US.

Monday, 29/01/2024, 17:01 (GMT+7)

Congratulations to Team BRAVE and Team SWITCH (consisting of 3 Vinsers Nguyễn Tuấn Anh, Lê Anh Phan, Vương Minh Tuấn from Vinschool Times City Elementary T36 and Vinschool Times City High School T37) for their outstanding achievements at the 2024 National VEX Robotics Championship on January 20-21, 2024.

This prestigious and large-scale competition in Vietnam, in the field of STEM robotics for high school students nationwide, is organised by STEAM for Vietnam, the U.S. Center (Embassy and Consulate General of the United States in Vietnam), and Hanoi University of Science and Technology. It attracted the participation of over 1300 students from 194 schools in 31 provinces and cities across the country.
With a high-level of robot design and programming skills, logical thinking, teamwork, impressive problem-solving skills, and a solid foundation in science knowledge, the students excellently surpassed 248 competing teams in this year’s highly competitive tournament with the theme “Full Volume”. The judges evaluated the complexity of the task as higher than the previous year, requiring teams to design and build strategies suitable for the diverse terrain of the task. The three students received these prestigious awards:
Elementary School Division
▪️ Team BRAVE won the Alliance Championship (Teamwork Champion)
High School Division
▪️ Team SWITCH won the Alliance Championship (Teamwork Champion)
▪️ Team SWITCH won the Excellent Award
With these impressive victories, Team BRAVE and Team SWITCH will have the honour of being 2 out of 7 Vietnamese teams participating in the international arena “VEX Robotics World Championship 2024” in Texas, USA, soon. This is a worthy testament to the efforts of Vinschool’s teachers and students in STEM education. Through various core and extracurricular activities, Vinsers are equipped with knowledge and skills related to the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, helping to develop creative thinking and cultivate 21st-century skills such as: communication, collaboration, critical thinking, problem-solving, and innovative creativity.