Cambridge AS & A Level Art & Design (9479): Fostering Independent Artistic Expression and Core Competencies

Tuesday, 27/02/2024, 11:02 (GMT+7)

Cambridge AS & A Level Art & Design (9479) places an emphasis on personal exploration of the visual arts, with a blend of critical thinking and practical skills.

Its primary goal is to nurture an understanding of visual perception and aesthetic experience through contextual research, while empowering learners to build on personal interests and share their voice through the medium of art. The syllabus encourages independent expression and the development of a critical, reflective practice.


Throughout this course, students delve into the unique capacity of art and design to communicate ideas in a range of processes, mediums and techniques. Students uncover how art and design transcends words, relying on visual language such as color, shape and line to convey thoughts, emotions, and ideas. As students delve into personal research, you have the opportunity to narrate a personal experience, reflect on your culture, or create a response to societal issues. Effective communication is essential for operating in today’s art and design world, which demands collaboration and engagement with wider cultures and movements. Art has the power to transcend barriers, evoke emotions and spark meaningful conversations.

Cultural Awareness

One of the exciting aspects of this syllabus is the opportunity to connect your skills to a deeper understanding of your own culture, both past and present. By exploring the art and design of your heritage, you gain a profound appreciation for its history and its influence on contemporary artistic expressions. First-hand research helps you to develop your ideas, while responding to other practitioners, cultures and creative movements broadens your view of the world. Students at Vinschool gain hands-on exposure to the world of Art & Design by participating in workshops and immersing themselves in real-life art projects. You are encouraged to take part in the wider art community by visiting art exhibitions and museums in field trips, attending artist talks and interviewing other artists.

Practical Exploration

This syllabus is rooted primarily in practical or studio-based work, providing students with a platform to refine their observational and analytical skills in the visual world. Through immersive hands-on experiences, students embark on an artistic journey by fostering technical expertise, personal expression, and imaginative creativity. Furthermore, you will be challenged with practical and visual problems, pushing you to think critically and creatively and apply your skills to real-world scenarios. You’ll discover how art and design can offer innovative solutions to challenges in various fields, from fashion to architecture to product design.


Creativity is at the heart of an artist or designer’s processes. This course encourages you to question, investigate, experiment and take risks to create work that is original and meaningful. Creative practitioners use curiosity, imagination and innovation to solve art and design problems in new ways.

Critical reflection

Critical reflection is the ongoing process that helps artists and designers to learn what works and what doesn’t. Through this course you will learn to evaluate how the materials, techniques and processes you choose affects how your work communicates meaning.

Celebrating Achievements

Cambridge AS & A Level Art & Design (9479) boasts a proud history of student success at Vinschool with past students having been granted placements in prestigious courses in diverse countries such as France, the US and UK universities. Our alumni have embarked on and been accepted in a range of professional courses such as Fashion, Fashion Marketing, Graphic Design, Animation, Illustration, Fine Arts, and Film Schools.

In conclusion, Cambridge AS & A Level Art & Design (9479) is not just an academic subject; it’s an enriching journey of self-discovery, creativity, and cultural awareness. It nurtures the language of artistic expression, offering a transformative experience that encourages you to be actively involved in the global community through the dynamic world of Art and Design. Embrace the practical aspects of this course, and allow your art to be your voice. Remember, every stroke of your brush, every click of your camera, and every design decision you make is an opportunity to communicate, express, and inspire.

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