Unlocking the Future with Vinschool’s AS/A Level Natural Science Programs (Part 2 – Chemistry)

Monday, 11/03/2024, 17:03 (GMT+7)

Imagine mastering the complexities of chemistry, not just for exams, but to become a confident, scientifically literate individual in the global community.

Vinschool’s AS/A Level Natural Science Programs are designed to foster such growth.

AS/A Level Chemistry: A Balance of Knowledge and Skills

Our AS/A Level Chemistry program isn’t just about subject knowledge; it’s about fostering a deeper understanding of critical concepts and cultivating lifelong skills like scientific inquiry, technological confidence, and teamwork. These skills are crucial for success in higher education and beyond. Impressively, as of March 2023, 44.4% of AS Chemistry students and 42.9% of A Level Chemistry students at Vinschool achieved A*/A grades (excellent scores), surpassing the global average significantly (28.3% and 29.6% respectively, according to CAIE Global).

Curriculum Highlights

AS/A-Level Chemistry program at Vinschool encompasses 3 main sections with specific learning outcomes:

  1. Physical Chemistry: Students explore the principles that govern matter and its changes.
  2. Inorganic Chemistry: We delve into the fascinating world of metals and non-metals.
  3. Organic Chemistry and Analysis: This section covers the chemistry of carbon-containing compounds, critical in understanding biological processes and pharmaceuticals.

Advanced topics include the chemistry of transition elements, nitrogen compounds, polymerization, and organic synthesis.

Mastering Key Concepts and Explore Chemistry in different lenses

Lessons are created for students to master the following key concepts: Atoms and forces; Experiments and evidence; Patterns in chemical behaviour and reactions; Chemical bonds; and Energy changes. These recurring concepts create unity between topics in the AS/A Level Chemistry programme, which further develops a deep overall understanding of the subject. These key concepts constitute a guideline for learners to refer to throughout their study in this subject, in order to problem solve and understand subject-related materials. The ability to link different knowledge through such a common thread of ideas is a high-level transferable skill that this programme enables students to develop at Vinschool. In addition, this curriculum encourages Vinsers to explore chemistry in different lenses. Throughout the course of their study in this subject, it is common for students to find examples that stimulate their interest and care for the surroundings as they are inspired to practice science in the context of their social, economic, technological, and cultural influences.

“I realised there are 2 things to master as soon as possible: synthetic routes of organic compounds (including reagents, products, mechanisms and also the tests) and basically anything that is “memorable” (definitions, phrases that are just copy and paste) because Chemistry is a nightmare when it comes to “showing working” parts.” – Vinser Phuong Linh shared tips to study A-Level Chemistry well. 

Practical Work: Learning by Doing

Vinsers devote at least 20% of their time to hands-on laboratory work, either individually or in small groups, thereby gaining confidence and reinforcing theoretical knowledge. AS/A Level Chemistry students at Vinschool can benefit from practical activities since conducting experiments effectively reinforces theoretical content, sharpens necessary technical skills, and boosts student engagement and motivation in their studies. 

Innovative Teaching Strategies

Vinschool’s teaching methodology emphasizes discussion and interactive activities. Dialogues help connect prior knowledge, and allow students to work something out for themselves through exploratory talk and learning from one another. Activities are designed to prompt students’ thinking and generate notes for further reflection, not only notes of subject knowledge from lecturing. Other employed strategies include pair or group work, giving feedback for necessary redirection, and reminding students during practical work to pay attention to the aim of an investigation in order to later make sense of what they get from doing it. Autonomous learners can be nurtured from the way AS/A Level Chemistry is taught, facilitating effective study at higher education levels. 

Real-World Applications

“As we progress into A Level, the depth of the subject becomes more apparent. What I find interesting about studying Chemistry A-Level at Vinschool is the integration of real-world problems into our curriculum. Our teachers connect theory to industry applications, showing us how Chemistry is used in various fields. They also support us by guiding independent research projects, helping us delve deeper into our areas of interest.” – shares 12th-grade student Tran Minh Hung. 

Assessing Student Progress

The program evaluates students through a mix of written and practical assessments, focusing not just on theoretical knowledge but also on skills like data analysis and experimental manipulation. AS/A Level Chemistry at Vinschool measures learning progress of students through 5 papers, including 3 written, and 2 practical skills papers in which students are assessed on their skills of manipulation of apparatus, presentation of data, analysis and evaluation, rather than knowledge of theory. The structure of these assessment papers is as follows: paper 1- multiple choice; paper 2 – AS Level structured questions; paper 3 – advanced practical skills; paper 4 – A Level structured questions; and paper 5 – planning, analysis and evaluation. AS Chemistry students will take the first 3 papers, while those who wish to continue with the A Level component will take the remaining 2 papers. 


Beyond the Classroom

“Beside the official program, Vinschool also offers a vibrant array of co-curricular activities for science lovers such as Chemistry Clubs, Competitions and other student-led projects where we organize interactive sessions, guest lectures, and even participate in local and national competitions. It adds a practical dimension to what we learn in class.” – Sharing from 11th-grade Vinser – Nguyen Ngoc Anh

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