Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) Center – Awakening Talents

Young talents trained at the GATE Center have achieved spectacular success and have left their mark on domestic and international competitions and "playgrounds". Moreover, our young talents were given opportunities and encouraged to confidently pursue their passion and maximize their potential.
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Vinschool students win scholarships from the world’s top universities

Most recently, 4 Vinsers became the talk of study-abroad forums after receiving acceptance letters and offers of scholarships worth nearly 14 billion VND at world-leading universities. Proactivity, confidence, and pioneering spirit are the characteristics that put these young achievers head and shoulders above their peers.
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14-year old student sounds the alarm about “Light pollution” on TEDx

The inspirational presentation at TEDx by 14-year-old Hà Khánh Phương (9th grader at Vinschool Middle School - The Harmony) impressed many with her profound and clear arguments. As the youngest speaker at the event, Khánh Phương surprised and moved many by combining her childhood love for stars with...
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