Nearly 48,000 Vinsers welcome the new academic year with the theme “Learning Beyond Limits”

Monday, 21/08/2023, 18:08 (GMT+7)

21/08/2023 marks the official start of the 2023–2024 academic year, a special year marking Vinschool's 10th anniversary and has as its theme "Learning Beyond Limits."

Vinschool, which currently has 50 campuses and operates in accordance with the strictest CIS international standards, is pleased to welcome Grand Park Kindergarten and Primary School Campus 2 (District 9, Ho Chi Minh City) to the new academic year.
With a variety of significant, student-centered welcoming activities taking place in a happy and welcoming environment, Vinschool’s back-to-school day will have many cherished memories and emotions. Students will not only enjoy touring the school during the School Tour, but they also have the opportunity to communicate goals for the upcoming academic year, demonstrate their creativity and wisdom by taking on challenging tasks at knowledge stations, or by participating in a variety of clubs under the direction of other Vinsers.
“Today is a particularly special back-to-school day for me. because this is both my final back-to-school season at Vinschool and my tenth with the system. I want to get into the best universities in the world—in the US, Australia, or the UK—by earning a GPA above 9.0 in my senior year.” Phùng Hữu Phúc, a Grade 12 Vinser, stated, “I think that with the teachers’ enthusiastic, committed, and thoughtful support, I can confidently apply and reach my dreams.”
In the academic year 2023 – 2024, Vinschool will continue to: be a pioneer in educational innovation and curriculum; implement outcome-based teaching from grades 1 to 10; focus on school psychological health care with many new projects; and promote student voice and participation in school activities.
Vinschool is convinced that every Vinser will continue forward and develop into 21st-century citizens capable of “Learning Beyond Limits” throughout their lives. We wish the faculty and students at Vinschool a fantastic new academic year filled with success as they embark on their upcoming journey! Do not hesitate to participate in the “Back-to-school moment” photo contest that Vinschool has launched, by uploading special images or videos of your child’s first day of school to your personal Facebook page. Details about the competition are available HERE: https://bit.ly/CuocThiAnhTuuTruong