What Will Kindergarten Students Learn About Statistics?

Thursday, 06/06/2024, 09:06 (GMT)

With the Math program at Vinschool Kindergarten, mathematics is not just about numbers and comparisons, but about fostering innovative thinking for future mathematicians through the early introduction of statistical skills. 

Vinschool’s unique educational program is designed with a forward-looking vision, integrating basic statistical concepts into the math curriculum for preschoolers, laying the foundation in kindergarten to prepare for exploration in elementary school.

Teachers design activities to make statistics accessible and engaging for young children. Through interactive activities such as simple surveys (asking classmates about their favorite flower) and creative data presentation methods (such as grouping flowers or marking them on a board), students complete surveys, count the number of flowers in each group, and present their group’s chart.

Vinschool Kindergarten students not only learn the basic skills of data collection and interpretation but also develop skills such as questioning, interacting with peers, counting, comparing, and synthesizing. These are higher-order thinking skills in Bloom’s taxonomy. These activities are designed to stimulate curiosity, encourage questioning, and foster a love of learning that extends beyond the classroom.

Let’s explore a statistics lesson with the young students at Vinschool Smart City Kindergarten!