About Interesting Vivokids Lessons Where I Can Learn To Play Baseball And Uugby

Thursday, 06/06/2024, 09:06 (GMT)

Physical education plays an important role in the well-rounded development of kindergarten children. Through participating in engaging movement games, children can train their endurance,dexterity, agility and flexibility as well as enhance their resistance and reduce health risks.

In Vivokids Program in May, baseball and rugby are 2 kinds of sport aiming to not only let children have fun together but also develop and sharpen their motor skills.

  • Training techniques with balls: Throwing, hitting, passing and catching the ball with increasing degree of difficulty
  • Practice attacking techniques: hugging tightly, pressing, passing the ball, stealing the ball, removing shields and kicking the ball
  • Move with the ball: control objects, improve the ability to observe and predict the direction of the ball.
  • Building reflexes including quick and precise actions
  • Enhance children’s ability to work in groups, demonstrate team spirit, know how to cooperate, communicate and develop the ability to concentrate, discipline and persevere.
  • Increase physical activities, introducing children to sports at the early age.

Parents, please take a look at the amazing moments of children at Vinschool SmartCity Kindergarten playing baseball and rugby during Vivokids time.

Link video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?si=JyWU14xzAgQsoJol&v=O_SqvRMKMtI&feature=youtu.be