Leadership Day Vinschool Smart City 2024 – Talented Young Leaders

Thursday, 06/06/2024, 11:06 (GMT)

LEADERSHIP DAY 2024 – On May 26th, the Vinsers of Vinschool Smart City had a very successful leadership day. This was a day for the Vinsers to take the initiative to report and share with their parents the achievements they had made through their learning and experiences over the past school year. The activities were entirely student-led.

The event was held in a lively and joyful atmosphere. Each experience corner was a space showcasing the students’ creative and diverse learning products from their lessons. During the event, parents were guided by the students to participate in various interesting activities. The parents’ faces lit up with joy as they were led by their own children.

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 In addition to helping their parents understand more about their learning content, the Vinsers also participated in different experiences such as: “I’m a little soccer player,” “Amazing race,” and “Mysterious puzzle” in Math and Science. In Vietnamese, parents and children teamed up to play the game “Vietnamese King.” Moreover, parents got to relive their childhood with traditional games like “Ô ăn quan,” making “nghé ọ” (toy buffalo) from leaves, or learning how to prepare betel leaves in the shape of phoenix wings in Vietnamese Studies. Additionally, the students guided their parents on how to manage emotions in the CLISE class and how humans coexist and protect their environment in the Global Citizenship class.


After the experiential activities, parents returned to the classrooms for the year-end parent-teacher meetings. Here, parents were once again surprised as all class meeting activities were led and managed by the students.

The leadership day truly brought joy to students, parents, and teachers, reaffirming the growth of the Vinsers – the talented “Young Leaders” of Vinschool Smart City Primary, Secondary, and High School.