Closing A Journey Full Of Emotions And Pride, Vinsers In Alvin Strongly Moving On To Primary School

Thursday, 06/06/2024, 11:06 (GMT)

“Goodbye! Let’s say farewell to each other!
Our beloved sky full of sun, wind, and flowers
Stay behind, white rabbit, Misa bear
Farewell, we’re off to first grade!”

The “Alvin Graduation Ceremony” was held solemnly and meaningfully at the Đống Đa District Cultural House – 22 Đặng Tiến Đông – Đống Đa – Hanoi on the 28th of May. It truly was a memorable and emotional moment for the young Vinsers as they, along with their teachers and parents, marked an important milestone in their development – concluding their time at kindergarten and preparing to enter primary school. Demonstrating their proactive and talented nature, the children enthusiastically participated in leading the ceremony from welcoming guests, acting as MCs, or to performing unique musical acts.

The musical play “Summer Adventures” once again showcased the children’s confidence and stage presence in front of their parents and teachers. This performance also served as a farewell and a thank you to the teachers and parents who have been with them throughout this journey.

The most anticipated moment was when the Alvin students donned their graduation gowns, were called by names, and took the stage one by one to receive their certificates and souvenirs from the school board of managers.

Wishing you all to always keep the fire of confidence, passion, creativity, and never stop dreaming as you step firmly into the future. Vinschool Smart City will always be a “loving home” by your side, supporting and being a strong foundation for you in the coming journey.

Cherish the wonderful moments with your family, friends, and teachers.