Instilling a love for books in preschoolers

Tuesday, 29/12/2020, 17:12 (GMT+7)

How to nurture a love for books in preschoolers while they are too young to read by themselves? What are teachers and families recommended to do to encourage kids to pick up a book?

With a goal of providing parents with useful tips for cultivating a love for books in their kids, Vinschool Royal City Kindergartens – R1 & R5 have recently held the Book Day with new, exciting experiences for their yound students.

Let’s take a brief look at these tips and the meaningful activities of the event!

One book a day

To make books a childhood friend of kids, parents are advised to read to them on a daily basis. 5 minutes of reading with parents every day helps form an active and passionate reading habit for kids. At Vinschool Kindergartens, teachers spare some time every day to introduce a new book to the young learners with the hope of developing a consistent reading habit among them.

“One book a day” helps form an active, passionate reading habit for kids.

Regular visits to the library

Holding a world of knowledge, the library with its eye-catching spaces is very likely to inspire kids to open books. At Vinschool’s libraries, kids can feel free to pick up their favorite books and are given chances to share what they learn from books with one another. In this way, their love for books will grow naturally. It’s a great idea to build a mini library in the home, where parents and kids can invest time in their own world of books.

Nicely decorated corners inspire kids to read.

Learning through experience is highly effective and enjoyable to kids. Therefore, bringing fairy tales to life through a variety of creative activities was a major part of the Book Day event. At Vinschool Royal City Kindergarten – R1, Kitty and Nemo kids listened to teacher Arki telling an interesting story called “Pete the Cat – I love my white shoes”.

Meanwhile, Bambi kids got really excited about the lovely animals in “Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you see?” told by teacher Lenz. Pooh kids loved the noisy dinosaur Sid in “The dinosaur who lost his voice” with teachers Shane and David narrating the story, whereas Alvin kids responded enthusiastically to “Peppa Pig: Sports Day” thanks to the great storytellers – teachers Lewis and Shane.

Little students listen to every story with keen attention.

Each story is carefully selected by teachers, hence their age appropriateness. These stories help the kids improve their English listening, speaking, and reading skills and are accompanied by varied English-speaking activities such as “My new white shoes” (a game that boosts fine motor skills for Kitty and Nemo kids), “Animals sensory sorting” (a game that requires Bambi kids to mobilize their senses), the “Feed the dinosaurs” challenge for Pooh kids, and the “Bowling” challenge for Alvin classes.

Bambi kids are excited about the “Animals sensory sorting” game.
Pooh kids are absorbed in a scientific experiment call “Volcano Eruption”.
The vibrancy of the Football game created by Alvin kids.

The atmosphere at Vinschool Royal City Kindergarten – R5 was no less ebullient as the teachers here dressed as characters to convey meaningful messages in books convey. Well-known stories such as “Little Red Riding Hood”, “The Three Little Pigs” and “The Gigantic Turnip” were brought into life through familiar activities that help promote kids’ motor skills, language skills, and creativity. Such experience-based activities really inspire the soul and make books more engaging, thus inspiring kids to fall deeper in love with them every day.

love for books
An Alvin kid playing the game “Crossing the woods to visit granny” based on the well-known story “Little Red Riding Hood”.
love for books
Pooh kids as characters in the story “The Three Little Pigs”.
love for books
Nemo and Kitty kids as adorable, compliant little rabbits
love for books
Teachers in lovely outfits dressing as characters in stories or meaningful messages.

The little Vinsers could hardly hold back their excitement and talked non-stop about the stories they had been told and their favorite activities of the day upon seeing their loved ones. Teachers and parents were happy and amazed that the kids could make connections with books. Their love for books is hopefully deepened in this way.