Vinsers Shine At The VEX World Robotics Championship 2024 In USA

Friday, 10/05/2024, 16:05 (GMT+7)

Following their outstanding performance at the Vietnam VEX Robotics National Championship 2024, the two teams, Brave and Switch (including Vuong Minh Tuan from class 6B03, Nguyen Tuan Anh from class 4B02, and Le Phan Anh from class 8B2 of Vinschool Times City) have achieved remarkable success at the 2024 VEX Robotics World Championship held last week in Dallas, Texas, the US.

The event drew participation of over 1,000 teams worldwide, competing in various categories.

  • In the Elementary School category, Team Brave surpassed 82 formidable opponents to clinch the top spot in the Arts Division, securing an impressive Top 4 overall finish in the VEX IQ category and winning the Team Challenge.
  • In the middle school category, Team Switch also demonstrated outstanding performance, competing against 84 tough competitors and securing second place in the Spirit Division and second place in the Team Challenge.  

The remarkable achievements highlight the unwavering dedication of Vinschool students in the STEM field. Through both classroom instructions and extracurricular activities, Vinsers acquire knowledge and skills in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, fostering creative thinking and honing essential 21st-century skills like teamwork, critical thinking, problem-solving, and innovation.

Heartfelt congratulations to the Vinschool Robotics warriors! We eagerly anticipate witnessing Vinsers’ continued excellence on the global Robotics stage in the years to come. 


The VEX Robotics World Championship is hosted by the Robotics Education & Competition (REC) Foundation, a non-profit organization specializing in STEM education and sustainable development. As the world’s largest annual event for elementary and middle school students, the competition attracts hundreds of thousands of participants from across the globe every year.