Australia summer camp 2024: Vinsers learn and grow through local life and unique leadership/business programs

Tuesday, 02/07/2024, 17:07 (GMT+7)

Leadership and Entrepreneurship Journey in Australia from June 16 to June 30, 2024 has equipped Vinsers with leadership skills, problem-solving abilities, creative thinking, and practical experience through intensive classes with Character Builders (Brisbane) and field trips to renowned companies like Ord Minnett, Bond University, Griffith University, and TAFE Queensland.

In just 14 days in Australia, students not only gained a deeper understanding of themselves while building their career paths, but they also successfully proposed business strategies for a kite-selling company in the Australian market.

For the first time, living with local families provided unforgettable memories and deep insights into Australian culture. Daily English conversations with host families, enjoying authentic Aussie meals, cozy family activities, and outdoor excursions helped students learn about Australian lifestyles and customs. They significantly improved their language skills, confidently expressed their ideas, and easily adapted to new environments. They also became more independent and mature, ready to face future challenges.

Vinser Hà Linh shared: “I gained a lot of useful knowledge about Australian culture and cuisine while living with a local family. The host parents introduced me to Australia through family trips, such as seeing kangaroos, picnicking, visiting amusement parks, and local markets. I wish the trip was longer so I could explore and develop even more.”

Vinser Nam Thu said: “I learned independence and self-discipline while staying with the local family. Australians live very orderly and punctual lives, and they educate their children in the same way. I also learned about support and love even when we are not of the same ethnicity. The host family was very affectionate and cared for me like a family member. When I had a sore on my fingertip, they helped me treat it. They also occasionally cooked Vietnamese dishes alongside Australian meals so I wouldn’t feel unfamiliar or difficult to eat.”

Let’s look back at the memorable moments of the Summer Camp at Gold Coast, Australia through the photos below.