Vinsers stand out with dramatic three-sided debate and sharp arguments at Vinschool Mock Trial 2024

Tuesday, 14/05/2024, 15:05 (GMT+7)

“Thrilling - Engaging - Extremely sharp - Full of emotions” are the adjectives most frequently mentioned throughout the more than two-hour-long Vinschool Mock Trial 2024, featuring the outstanding performances of 19 talented Vinsers from all Vinschool high schools across the system.

With solid foundational knowledge, tight reasoning, keen observation, analysis, argumentation, and debate skills, Vinsers assumed and executed their roles exceptionally well, delivering sharp, multidimensional questioning and responses, and comprehensively applying critical thinking skills.

“I am very impressed with the students’ performances. Whether as prosecutors, lawyers, witnesses, or defendants, they all presented very tight arguments, demonstrating extremely sharp thinking and problem-linking abilities. This is something that not all high school students can achieve,” shared Mr. Lâm Tiến Dũng, Master of Law and lecturer at the People’s Police Academy, specializing in criminal law.

With utmost effort, concise arguments, and the ability to quickly and flexibly respond based on actual testimony, the most talented Vinsers in Critical Thinking emerged in the Vinschool Mock Trial 2024:

Winning Team: The Defense Lawyers – Defendant – Witness for the Defendant
Best Lawyers: Vinser Nguyễn Minh Thư – Vinschool Smart City & Vinser Đoàn Thuỳ Dương – Vinschool Times City
Best Prosecutor: Vinser Hoàng Nghĩa Minh – Vinschool Times City
 Best Judge: Vinser Nguyễn Hồng Giang – Vinschool Star City


Best Witness: Vinser Vũ Bảo Linh – Vinschool The Harmony
Most Impressive Character: Vinser Nguyễn Thanh Hải – Vinschool Times City

Let’s congratulate all 19 Vinsers who participated in the 2024 Mock Trial.