Do Mai Ha Anh

As the winner of the Gold medal at the Vietnam Robotacon Competition 2018, Do Mai Ha Anh, a grade 8 student at Vinschool High School Times City, and her teammates, will be in Thailand in November 2018 to compete in the upcoming World Robot Olympiad – WRO 2018.
  • Gold medalist at the Vietnam Robotacon Competition 2018

The Robotic Talent Competition – Robotacon WRO 2018 is the largest STEM Robotics competition for students aged 8 to 20, which is designed to encourage STEM learning through robotics by creating a science and technology playground for students. The best teams will be selected to represent Vietnam at the World Robot Olympiad 2018 competition. This is the 6th iteration of the competition; the theme for this year is FOOD MATTERS.

The National Robotacon 2018 competition attracted many participants from all over the country.

The regional round attracted more than 1,500 students from more than 500 elementary and secondary schools across the country. The competition saw 283 teams comprising 770 contestants competing in the final round on the 18th and 19th of August 2018 in Ho Chi Minh City.

In the final round, Ha Anh’s team (part of Open Group B4) opted to develop a 4.0 Agricultural value chain project, targeted at promoting sustainable agricultural development, improving nutrition and achieving food security. They hope to eliminate hunger through innovative solutions using robotic technology to support cultivation, sharing and consumption of food.

Thanks to their creative ideas, coupled with the team’s confidence and fluency in both English and Vietnamese, Do Mai Ha Anh’s team successfully convinced the judges of their robot’s efficiency and feasibility and were honored with the gold medal.

As a very active student, Ha Anh has taken part in school projects and activities such as the “Toi Tu Te” project, or the FAO International Poster Design Competition, and has won in many English contests. In particular, she won First Prize at the VinCamp 2017, while attending summer camp in the UK. With a passion for English, and a thought that one day, she could program a robot, or even operate a robotic system, Ha Anh is vivid proof of the spirit of daring to try, to step into a completely new field.

Ha Anh shared that Vinschool’s learning environment has helped her practice many skills such as English, teamwork, and especially presentation skills. Participating in the competition has allowed Ha Anh to discover more about her potential. This award is a great source of motivation for her to continue to nurture this passion for creating and exploring science.

We hope Ha Anh will continue to nurture her excitement for science and robotics programming. We wish her all the best in future projects and high results in the upcoming International Robotics Competition in Thailand.