Nguyễn Nam Nguyên – A Vinser Passionate about Entrepreneurship Secures 4 Scholarships Worth 12 Billion VND from 4 Prestigious U.S. Universities

With a series of outstanding achievements in Economics/Business, Vinser Nguyễn Nam Nguyên - a 12B2 student at Vinschool Central Park High School - has consecutively secured 4 scholarships totaling over 12 billion VND from 4 prestigious U.S. universities: Denison University, DePauw University, Baylor University, and the University of South Florida.

Since the beginning of 10th grade, Nam Nguyên has harbored a dream of obtaining a scholarship in Economics from an American university. Thanks to the close guidance of one-on-one academic advisors at Vinschool in choosing subjects and building an application profile aligned with his career orientation, Nam Nguyên had the opportunity to fully realize his potential and achieve his dream.

“At Vinschool, I honed my business skills and thinking, and was given the opportunity to realize my entrepreneurial dreams.”

Winning first place in the Vintegration entrepreneurship competition organized by Vinschool Ocean Park, Nam Nguyên demonstrated his competence in the business field through the startup sports field booking application “Sút” and received an agreement to invest resources worth 500 million VND for a 15% stake from BPO Tech. Not limiting the project to the scope of the system-wide competition, Nam Nguyên and his team continued to seek new investors and complete the legalities for their brainchild. Along with other outstanding achievements in economics/business such as First Prize in the International Economic Olympiad x Winter Challenge, Second Prize in the World Economic Cup, and Third Prize in the Vietnam Economics Olympiad, Nam Nguyên successfully proved his development potential, convincing the demanding admission boards in the United States.

Studying at Vinschool, Nam Nguyên shared that the most valuable experience was the opportunity to experiment and learn new things: “Vinschool not only encourages students to learn through experiences but also creates conditions for us to be creative, surpass our limits, and freely develop according to our personal orientations. Therefore, Vinsers should bravely pursue their dreams and try bold ideas.”

In addition to his entrepreneurial experience and participation in extracurricular activities, his outstanding academic achievements with three perfect A’s in AS-Level Economics, Business, and Mathematics; two 5/5 AP scores in Microeconomics and Macroeconomics; SAT score of 1420; and IELTS 7.0 were also contributing factors to Nam Nguyên obtaining valuable scholarships.

Thank you, Nam Nguyên, and we wish you to soon become a successful entrepreneur in the future.