Vinser Vo Nam Khanh earns 5.5 billion VND scholarship from TETR College of Business – Studying across 7 countries in 4 years of university

Vo Nam Khanh, a student in class 12B1 at Vinschool Central Park Secondary and High School, has achieved outstanding academic success in Economics and Business, as well as a diverse array of extracurricular accomplishments. Recently, he was awarded a prestigious full scholarship worth 5.5 billion VND from TETR College of Business.
  • 4/5 AP Macroeconomics
  • Full A grades in Business, Computer Science, and Mathematics at AS-Level
  • Achieved Grade 8 ABRSM Piano (the highest level recognized by the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music in the United Kingdom)
  • Captain of the Vinschool Central Park soccer team, Former President of Vinschool Magazine, Founder of the Vietnamitecture project

The scholarship supports his studies in the Business Administration & Technology program, giving him the opportunity to study in seven different countries over his 4-year university journey. Khanh opted for this program to gain practical business experience in various international markets, despite previously receiving offers from esteemed universities such as Drexel University, Bard College, Furman University, and Dickinson College, all with substantial scholarships.

“My advantage lies in early exposure to economic disciplines at Vinschool.”

TETR College of Business values candidates with a broad perspective on the world economy and a forward-thinking business vision, making foundational knowledge in business/economics a highly competitive advantage. At Vinschool, Khanh was exposed to this field early on through Cambridge and AP programs. With impressive academic achievements including a 4/5 score in AP Macroeconomics and straight A grades in Business, Computer Science, AS-Level Mathematics, Khanh has demonstrated exceptional capability and potential in the fields of Business Administration and Technology.

Building an impressive portfolio of extracurricular achievements at Vinschool: Khanh’s “shortcut” to success

In addition to his academic achievements, Khanh’s extensive experience in participating in and leadership of a variety of extracurricular activities has been highly regarded by the Admissions Council, showcasing his well-rounded development. At Vinschool, he acquired essential skills and achieved remarkable milestones in various areas, such as attaining Level 8 (the highest level) in ABRSM Piano, reaching Level 5 in Rockschool Drums, serving as captain of the Vinschool Central Park soccer team, being the former president of Vinschool Magazine, and founding the Vietnamitecture project. Through his education at Vinschool, Khanh developed an active learning mindset, critical thinking skills, and the ability to express his personal viewpoints, all of which have contributed to his successes.

Thank you, Vo Nam Khanh, for your interesting and inspiring insights. We wish you continued success in your chosen path and hope you keep making positive impacts on the international student community in the future!