Vinsers in Vinschool Imperia Kindergarten develop artistic aptitude through the activity “Kids as Artists”

Thursday, 25/04/2024, 22:04 (GMT)

Vinschool Imperia Kindergarten responded to World Art Day with a “Kids as artists” activity last week. This is an opportunity for children to create their creative works of art. The activity helped Vinsers develop their imagination and creativity, learn how to convey their ideas and emotions through works of art; increase their understanding of art knowledge and world-famous painters.

Alvin children have the opportunity to learn about famous artists worldwide, do project-based exercises, and then work with their parents to re-draw famous paintings by Leonardo Da Vincy,  Vincent Van Gogh,  or Pablo Ruiz Picasso… in their own creative ways. The young Pooh and Bambi Vinser joined in an outdoor painting activity with watercolors that created a space for children to feel the beauty of nature: grass, trees, flowers, leaves… The Nemo and Kitty children can unleash their creativity when painted with brightly colored ice cubes. The young Vinsers were very excited while creating art in their way. Once completed, the children’s works will be displayed at the “Vinsers’ Art Gallery” exhibition along the hallway on campus. Parents can admire the diverse “works of art” with clear drawings, unique ideas, and vibrant colors… with the distinctive characteristics of the young Vinsers from Imperia kindergarten.


We invite parents and students to look back at the beautiful images from the “Kids as Artists” event at Vinschool Imperia Kindergarten!