Imperia Vinsers: Confidently show their talents in the closing ceremony of extracurricular classes

Friday, 31/05/2024, 16:05 (GMT)

The Bravery and confidence showed on the stage; fierce and strong in combat matches and martial arts; passion and skills when creating “painting works”with full enthusiasm; or confidently overcoming challenges in Mathematics, and English communication…, are outstanding images of our Vinsers in the Extracurricular Club Closing Ceremony of Vinschool Imperia Kindergarten.

  • Dance Club: Each performance is carefully prepared, demonstrating teachers’ and students’ creativity and efforts. Vinsers in the  Dance Club had shown exciting performances such as Poker Face, Barbie Girls, and Great Summer Mashup – Uptown Funk.
  • Helen O’Grady Drama Club: The performance “The Selfish Giant” is a memorable experience and a valuable educational lesson about kindness, sharing, and the importance of friendship. The Vinsers conveyed this message emotionally and sweetly, entertaining the audience and learning meaningful lessons. 
  • Vovinam Martial Arts Club: Bringing a strong spirit and discipline through Vovinam martial arts performances. Vinsers in this club demonstrated basic techniques and had beautiful combat and martial arts performances. , showing the children’s outstanding progress throughout the school year.
  • The Arts Club: The Art Club’s 3D color painting on Tote bags and embossed sand paintings on canvas frames highlighted the creativity and ingenuity of young Vinsers. Completing colorful paintings with children has become a highlight, making a strong impression on parents.
  • The Soroban Math Club’s quick calculation competition showed clear progress in the logical thinking and problem-solving abilities of young Vinsers. Math problems and intellectual games were solved quickly and accurately, demonstrating the deep understanding and good practical skills of the young Vinsers.
  • In the English Club with Quiz Game, children can confidently show their listening and speaking skills and reflexes in English.

The Extracurricular Club Closing Ceremony of Vinschool Imperia Kindergarten has helped our Vinsers develop physically, intellectually, and artistically, encouraging Vinsers to show off in front of the crowd, building confidence and bravery. Parents have the chance to enjoy the adorable and talented moments of their children while strengthening family bonds.

Let’s look back at this exciting moment!