VINSERS Shine in Thrilling Three-Way Debate and Sharp Arguments at Vinschool Mock Trial 2024

Wednesday, 10/07/2024, 10:07 (GMT)

On May 13th, 2024, Vinschool Times City Secondary School welcomed back the Vinschool Mock Trial – a platform for Vinsers passionate about Critical Thinking.

Over 31,000 viewers witnessed dramatic debates, fiery cross-examinations by lawyers and prosecutors, and captivating exchanges between witnesses and defendants, all played by talented Vinsers within an international court setting.

The Vinschool Mock Trial is a platform for Vinsers passionate about Critical Thinking

“Intense – Engaging – Incredibly sharp – Emotional” were just some of the words used to describe the two-hour Vinschool Mock Trial 2024, featuring outstanding performances by 19 Vinsers from all Vinschool High Schools. 


Vinschool Mock Trial 2024 had outstanding performances by 19 Vinsers

With their solid knowledge, strong arguments, and exceptional observation, analysis, and debating skills, the Vinsers fully embraced their roles, delivering insightful multi-faceted arguments and showcasing their comprehensive critical thinking abilities.