Vinschool Times City Secondary School’s Book Week 2023

Wednesday, 10/07/2024, 10:07 (GMT)

At Vinschool, Book Week is an annual event beloved by Vinsers.

Vinschool Times City Secondary School’s Book Week 2023 ran from October 24th to November 14th, 2023. This special time in the school year allows Vinsers to share their passion for reading, recommend great books, and exchange valuable lessons learned from their favorite reads.

Book Week is an annual event beloved by Vinsers

This year’s Book Week featured a series of exciting activities:

  • Building a Wall of Reading Culture: Talented Vinsers showcased their artistic skills with book cover designs and literary illustrations, displayed in a vibrant exhibition on campus during On Book Day 2023.
  • Book Tour: Vinsers transformed their classrooms into scenes from their favorite books, dressing up as beloved characters. This imaginative activity encouraged creativity and fostered a magical “Reading Culture” atmosphere.
  • Fundraising and Donation: Books continued their mission of spreading knowledge and joy. Vinsers donated and sold items to raise funds for the school’s charitable activities.

The main event day was a whirlwind of excitement, featuring lively performances, creative costumes, and inspiring slogans. The highlight was the captivating play “Red in the Heart.”


The creative costumes in the Book Week 2023

Additionally, a workshop on Reading Culture, with guest speakers Hoang Anh Tu (journalist) and Dr. Ngo Thi My Hanh (lecturer at the National Economics University), further emphasized the powerful allure of books at Vinschool Times City High School.

Book Week 2023 concluded with Vinsers having gained rich and meaningful experiences. There’s no doubt that books will continue to lead Vinsers on exciting journeys of discovery for years to come.