Talkshow “Ao Dai – Journey of Time”

Monday, 17/06/2024, 15:06 (GMT)

In a space filled with the essence of the homeland, an interdisciplinary experiential activity of Vietnamese Studies, History and Geography, Music combined with Fine Arts with the theme: “Ao Dai – Journey of Time” took place, marks the end of an inspiring four-week journey.

Grade 5 Vinsers not only learn about the history and cultural significance of ao dai through the ages, but also directly participate in the design process, creating creative ao dai works. The talk show opened with a detailed introduction about the history of the development of the ao dai from its early days, when it was just a simple outfit, until it became a cultural symbol in Vietnamese society by the designer. next to Sy Hoang.

Next, the students led the audience from one surprise to another when they took control of the stage. The highlight of the program was the performance of ao dai designed by the students themselves.

Through this, parents, teachers, guests as well as all students can not only admire the beauty of ao dai through each period but also feel the connection between the young generation and heritage. cultural assets of the nation.